New memory device could cut power consumption

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh say they have created fast, low-energy memory for MP3s, smartphones and cameras.

Intel: Tablet takeover rumor is nothing but "bunk"

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has rebuffed claims that the traditional PC market is slowly being asphyxiated by a steady onslaught of sleek and sexy ARM-powered tablets.

ARM wants a RISC-based PC market

ARM CEO Warren East says he will be "disappointed" if the chip designer manages to capture only 20% of the traditional PC market by 2015. Indeed, ARM chips currently dominate the smartphone and tablet markets, but have yet to make significant inroads into the PC space - which is defended by Intel and its formidable arsenal of x86 architecture.

Video: This MacBook Pro runs Android on ARM

Sure, we've all seen some pretty tricked-out hardware mods over the years, but this sweet MacBook Pro running Android on ARM hardware deserves some major, major props.

Desktops? Where we're going, we don't need desktops!

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a next-gen, 28 nanometer OMAP 5 mobile processor that could help redefine the current smartphone and tablet paradigm.

Nvidia gets major props for Project Denver

Nvidia's decision to develop an indigenous ARM-based microprocessor brand has won major props from a number of analysts, including Matthew Wilkins of IHS iSuppli.

ARM brings next-gen processors to Verizon 4G

LTE-equipped phones may soon be heading into the next generation, as ARM has announced it will introduce new chips to the 4G technology. LTE is currently being used in Verizon's 4G network.

IBM and ARM design next-gen mobile chips

IBM has confirmed that it is working with ARM to design a new generation of mobile processors optimized for both performance and power efficiency.

Intel gears up for protracted mobile battle

Intel is tapping its formidable x86 arsenal as it prepares a full frontal assault against rival ARM in the mobile market.

Chip Wars: Can x86 and MIPS take on ARM?

ARM-based chips are currently the undisputed heavyweight champions of the smartphone and tablet markets. But could x86 architecture and RISC-powered MIPS processors eventually challenge ARM's virtual lock on the lucrative mobile sector?

Can ARM help AMD win the mobile game?

AMD is poised to launch an exploratory tablet campaign based on its next-gen "Bobcat" architecture.

Is Intel killing x86 architecture?

Microsoft running Windows on ARM SoCs? Nvidia building a RISC-powered CPU? Yes, the industry message to Intel is crystal clear: We will no longer be bound by the shackles of x86 architecture.

Microsoft: Next version of Windows will be ARM-friendly

Microsoft has redefined the traditional x86 Wintel paradigm by announcing that future iterations of its flagship Windows operating system will support ARM-based SoCs.

Why Nvidia wants an ARM-based CPU

Nvidia has confirmed that it is developing a lineup of ARM-based CPUs designed to power personal computers, servers, and even supercomputers.

Microsoft codes ARM-friendly Windows OS

Microsoft will reportedly announce an ARM-friendly version of its flagship Windows operating system at CES 2011 in January.

Wintel paradigm threatened by ARM-based tablets

Is the wild success of ARM-based tablets such as Apple's iPad slowly killing the traditional Wintel model?

ARM chuckles as Intel reshuffles

Intel is reshuffling its mobile division in what could be a Sisyphean effort to challenge ARM's dominance in the lucrative marketplace. 

TI ARM SoC hits 1.5GHz per core

Texas Instruments (TI) is firing up an ARM-based, dual-core processor that clocks in at a blazing 1.5GHz - per core.

Yes, ARM scares PCs

PC market forecasters have lowered their previously enthusiastically high sales forecast for 2010 from an annual growth (over 2009) of 18% down to 14% - which is a 32% reduction.

On ARM and Imagination

I was looking at Imagination Technologies’ share price the other day and noticed that it went down, for the first time in almost a year and a half.