28nm ARM Cortex-A9 SoC hits 2.5GHz

GlobalFoundries and ARM have taped out a dual-core Cortex-A9 (test) processor operating at frequencies of more than 2.5GHz.

Report: Xbox 720 chip tapes out

Microsoft has reportedly taped out a next-gen chip for its upcoming Xbox 720 console.

Is Windows 8 irrelevant?

Windows 8, which runs on both ARM and x86 (AMD/Intel) chips, is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated OS upgrades in recent memory.

Windows on ARM to challenge WinTel paradigm

ARM RISC-based processors running Microsoft Windows 8 are expected to make an official appearance by the end of 2012 - and could begin seriously competing in the notebook market by June 2013.

Pachter: No Xbox 720 in 2012

A prominent industry analyst believes Microsoft has little interest in replacing its flagship Xbox 360 with a newer console in 2012.

How AMD almost had a Llano MacBook Air

Apple's MacBook Air lineup is currently powered by Intel x86 processors. But AMD could have been a real contender with its LLano chip, or so the story goes.

ARM powers CPU/GPU hybrid supercomputer

Spanish engineers are developing a hybrid supercomputer that pairs Tegra ARM CPUs with Nvidia CUDA GPUs.

ARM and Intel gear up for chip war of attrition

ARM's power-conscious RISC chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the traditional notebook PC market over the next few years.

ARM rolls out its MALI-T658 GPU

ARM has debuted the Mali-T658 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the latest addition to its Midgard architecture-based GPU family.

Microsoft takes the Apple route with Xbox 720

A new report claims that Microsoft's next-gen Xbox (aka Project Ten, Loop, Next and 720) will feature "tight integration" with Windows 8 when it hits store shelves in late 2012.

AMD layoffs reverberate across Silicon Valley

AMD is implementing a massive "restructuring plan" in an effort to improve its competitive positioning.

HP moves to revolutionize computing

HP has worked up quite a reputation for being the king of drama over the last several years. However, this week the company shifted the drama where it belongs: with the products.  

Calxeda debuts ARM-powered EnergyCore SoC

Calxeda has introduced its ARM-powered "EnergyCore" Server-on-a-Chip (SoC). 

Analyst claims ARM threat is exaggerated

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC-based architecture.

ARM details 64-bit server roadmap

Last week, ARM disclosed technical details about its new v8 architecture - the first to include a 64-bit instruction set.

X86 vs. ARM - the apocalyptical war

The war between x86 and ARM is heating up, while competitive tension between various ARM licensees is escalating.

Hewlett Packard eyes ARM-powered servers

Hewlett Packard is reportedly planning to design and sell servers powered by RISC-based ARM chips.

ARM processors dominate tablet architecture

Shipments of tablet PCs powered by RISC-based ARM processors are expected to jump by an impressive 211% Y/Y in 2011 to 59.9 million units.

ARM redefines mobile power paradigm with A7 and big.LITTLE

ARM introduced its A7 MPCore processor this morning in San Francisco, California.

Intel leaves television to ARM

Intel is pulling the plug on efforts to get its x86 processors into televisions after failing to claim viable market share.