How to build a game in 24 hours

This is a simple game made in 24 hours for the Microsoft Hack-a-Thon. The project uses an Arduino, Bluetooth module and Android phone. The project won first place in the hardware division and first overall. Check it out, it's pretty cool what these guys pulled off.

The Arduino Zcapture could be disruptive in 360 driven content creation

The Arduino-based Zcapture is designed to provide a low-cost, high-quality product that can be modified, hacked or customized to fit individual needs.

A 12-Year-Old's Quest To Remake Education, One Arduino At A Time

Twelve-year-old electronics prodigy Quin Etnyre wanted to make education more fun. So he became a teacher. Quin Etnyre walks to the front of a crowded room at Deezmaker 3D Printers and Hackerspace in Pasadena, California. He adjusts his laptop on the workbench, then looks up and addresses the ...

Arduino overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen cooling 65.3Mhz@-196°C

There were a number of hardware issues with Arduino at cryogenic temperatures: capacitors loose most of their capacitance, brown-out detection was tripping, 3.3V linear regulator for LCD backlight supply was failing. 

DIY Prosthetic Hand & Forearm (Voice Controlled)

Do you live with only one hand, or ever feel two just isn't enough? Well now you can make another! This project combines two very cool things: an ardu... Parts: Arduino Uno EasyVR Shield 5 x Servo Motors (either a HK15298 or an MG995 variant - anything with ...

BearDuino: Hacking Teddy Ruxpin with Arduino

As a geek father, I have a reputation to uphold. And BearDuino has helped me maintain some shred of credibility with my kids... while creeping them out a bit in the process.The BearDuino is a hardware-hacked Teddy Ruxpin—the infamous animatronic talking story-time teddy bear unleashed in all its ...

Build your own metal detector with an Arduino

Want to try building your own metal detector with an Arduino?

JavaScript Powered Arduino with Johnny-Five

Video: BLEduino is Bluetooth made easy

The BLEduino is a tiny Arduino-compatible dev board with integrated Bluetooth 4.0. As expected, the BLEduino is both hardware and software compatible with Arduino - because the hardware is based on the Arduino Leonardo. Meaning, anything that runs on an Arduino will run on a BLEduino.

Arduino TFT screen gets official

Just a few days after rolling out a new IDE (integrated development environment) and an official Robot, Arduino has launched a TFT LCD screen.

Video: Arduino Robot gets official at Maker Faire

The Arduino crew unveiled its Robot this past weekend at Maker Faire 2013 in San Mateo, California.

UDOO is like a Raspberry Pi-Arduino mashup

An interesting new project has turned up on Kickstarter that DIY electronic enthusiasts will undoubtedly love.

Arduino Uno spotted at NASA's Swamp Works research facility

Most people would probably expect to find millions of dollars worth of cutting-edge equipment at a NASA research facility. And they would be right, of course, but there may also be some surprises waiting for the unsuspecting visitor. 

pcDuino is Adruino shield friendly

The pcDuino might look a lot like the Raspberry Pi, but the little white board has some interesting tricks up its sleeve that the Pi lacks.

Arduino gets a Pinoccio microcontroller

If you're a fan of DIY projects that involve Arduino, you might want to check out the new Pinoccio microcontroller.

Sega Rally arcade cabinet controls RC cars using Arduino

If you're a true child of the 80s and spent time at the arcade, well, you probably remember classic driving games such as Sega Rally.

Video: Arduino-powered robot tags walls

We've definitely come across some strange robots over the years designed to perform all sorts of interesting and unusual tasks.

Secret Labs launches Netduino Plus 2 dev board

Netduino Plus 2 dev board offers DIY tech enthusiasts even more of a good thing.

This Hummingbird board is pre-Arduino

Hummingbird is targered at precocious young modders - but we want one anyways.

32-bit Arduino Due has the power to fly…literally

Arduino Due is perfect for DIY remote-controlled drones and more.