Defense terms WikiLeaker a "troubled" soldier

Army Pfc. Bradley E. Manning stands accused of leaking thousands of classified diplomatic cables that eventually ended up on the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website.

Egypt is this year's top Twitter hashtag

This year, the world was most interested in Egypt and Charlie Sheen, according to Twitter's annual report on the top trending hashtags.

Android add-on monitors eyewitness reports

With eye-witness reports and photos taking such a prominent part in the recent middle-Eastern uprisings, Duke University scientists have found a way to guarantee their authenticity.

Arab Spring really was social media revolution

After analyzing more than three million tweets, gigabytes of YouTube content and thousands of blog posts, a new study has concluded that the Arab Spring truly was fueled by social media.

Supercomputer forecasts political unrest

A supercomputer at the University of Tennessee could have predicted the location of Osama Bin Laden to within 125 miles through analysis of the mood of international news stories and the geographical locations they mentioned.