BlackBerry steals share from Google and Android

It is starting to look like the new Blackberry Z10 is clawing back customers that RIM lost to Apple and Samsung.

European launch for Amazon Appstore - and Kindle Fire too?

Amazon's Appstore is launching in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, in what's a pretty strong hint that the Kindle Fire will soon make it to Europe too.

Amazon Appstore lets users preview Android apps

Adding to the many features that make Amazon's Appstore better than the Android Market, the platform lets users preview apps before they buy them.

AT&T to play nice with Amazon's Android Appstore

Amazon's Appstore platform launched this week, giving Android users an easier and more convenient way to search for, pay for, and download apps.

Amazon Appstore opens, Apple sues

Amazon's opened its Android Appstore mobile software development program - but its not just the birds that are angry. Apple's reported to have decided that the name is just too similar to its own App Store and issued a formal trademark complaint.