Tech Review: 3 apps to gamify your workouts

One of the recent trends in mobile applications has been the "gamification" of content, which means to literally add competitive or play mechanics and context to various items.

Ads in Android apps put users' privacy at risk

As many as half the apps in the Google Play market could be risking users' security and privacy.

Meteoric rise of mobile apps creates thousands of jobs

Apple has long said there is an app for practically everything in its App Store, and I think it's fair to say Cupertino's statement is spot on.

iPad owners just can’t get enough apps

Owners of Apple’s wildly popular iPad tablet just can’t seem to get enough apps. 

Many Android phones vulnerable to hackers

North Carolina State University researchers say that many Android phones include apps that can be used by hackers to bypass Android's security features.

News popular on tablets - paying for it, not so much

Tablet owners spend more time reading the news than they do on Facebook - but they're not prepared to pay for that news, a survey shows.

How to run Android apps on Windows with BlueStacks

BlueStacks has rolled out the alpha version of its App Player for Windows. The software allows users to run their favorite Android apps on Windows-based PCs or tablets.

Ballmer says Windows 8 is all about the cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told developers attending BUILD that Windows 8 would be a "re-imagining" of Redmond's flagship operating system, with every other product "pivoting" around the long-awaited OS.

Can Microsoft still crash the tablet party?

Citigroup analysts believe Microsoft - while somewhat fashionably late - still has time to crash the lucrative tablet party.

Apple and Google may pull DUI checkpoint apps

Apple and Google have agreed to review applications alerting drivers to DUI checkpoints to consider whether they facilitate illegal activity.

Opinion: Android versus iOS - it’s all about the apps

The current legal battle between Apple and Samsung is certainly a hot topic for discussion.

Tweetbot for iPhone renews the Twitter for mobile addiction

Twitter is one of those tools that’s especially cool when used on your mobile phone. The problem? Most Twitter for mobile clients absolutely suck.

Dorsey tasked with making Twitter more useful

Last week, TG Daily reported that Jack Dorsey, original Twitter founder, would be making a comeback to the company.

360-degree images bring websites to life

A Silicon Valley start-up known as Bubblie is hoping to redefine the way we view photographs with what it calls a "bubble" image.

Report: Amazon prepping Android app market

The world’s largest online retailer,, is reportedly planning to launch an app market that will sell Android-based software.

Google pulls 21 popular apps in malware alert

Google has kicked 21 apps out of the Android Market for being stuffed full with malware.

FAA allows Apple's iPad app into the cockpit

A new app aviation mapping app for the iPad has just been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

That's your homework done: Wolfram Alpha plans course assistant apps

Wolfram Alpha is launching the first three apps in a series of 'course assistant' apps.

Microsoft claims 5,000 apps for WP7

Microsoft claims there are now 5,000 apps available for its recently launched Windows Phone 7 platform.

Top 7 smartphone apps for the bored holiday traveler

Sometimes the lure of holiday cookies and a little bubbly on New Years Eve is enough to make us do crazy things.