Dude, find my iPhone!

Apple has introduced an app that allows users to track down their lost or stolen iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. 

Apple updates OS X malware shield

Apple has updated its OS X malware shield to protect against a backdoor Trojan horse that could theoretically allow hackers to gain control over an iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini.

Is Apple OS X more secure than Microsoft Windows?

Are Macs inherently more secure than PCs? Well, not according to cybersecurity analyst Hemanshu Nigam - who claims that OS X suffers from just "as many vulnerabilities" as Windows. 

Forrester refuses to eulogize the PC

No, the PC isn't dead. However, rumors of its imminent demise have apparently been greatly exaggerated.

Microsoft Wins E3 but is Apple Making E3 Irrelevant?

This is E3 week which is interesting because most of the folks I’m watching on Twitter during the event seem to be more interested in the inability to pre-order the new 4th generation iPhone.

Microsoft offers cash for Windows Phone 7 game ports

Microsoft is reportedly contacting iPhone developers and offering them cash to port their games to the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

Apple unveils redesigned Mac mini

It may not have the glamor of the iPad, but the Mac mini has had a little makeover. It's got that little bit closer to size zero, for a start, and is now just an inch and a half thick.

Android gains market share at Apple's expense

Online tracking firm Quantacast confirms that Google's Android continues to rapidly gain mobile operating system market share at Apple's expense.

Apple and Google snub Congress

US Senator John Rockefeller has criticized Apple and Google for refusing to participate in a recent Congressional hearing about online privacy.

Microsoft says no to mobile porn

Were you looking forward to purchasing an adult entertainment app for your brand, spanking new Windows 7 phone? 

Well, too bad, because Microsoft has declared its Windows Phone 7 marketplace a "porn-free" zone.

Apple accused of false marketing over iPhone pixel claim

The president of DisplayMate Technologies has publicly challenged Apple's claim that the iPhone 4's resolution "exceeds" the human retina.

San Francisco wants iPad porn

A group of raunchy San Francisco artists are demanding that Steve Jobs allow porn on his puritanical iPad. 

iPhone 4 shatters on impact

Thinking of buying a slick new iPhone 4? Well, try not to drop it - or you may end up with a shattered glass panel.

AT&T was sitting duck for iPad email breach

The leaking of 114,000 private email addresses by Goatse Security was carried out through a simple attack on badly-designed software, according to Praetorian Security Group.

Exposing private data? Yep, iPad does that too

114,000 private e-mail addresses have been leaked to the Internet, courtesy of a significant security flaw in the way AT&T stores iPad customer data.

AdMob criticizes Apple over iPhone data ban

AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui has criticized Apple for effectively banning third-party iPhone data collection.

Pulse iPad app is in... out... in at the Apple App Store

On Monday, in his WWDC keynote speech, Steve Jobs singled out an RSS reader as an example of a great new app for the iPad. On Tuesday, it got pulled from the App Store. Now, it's back again.

Gucci designs $290 iPad case

If owning an iPad doesn't do enough of a job showing off your poser/pretentious/preppie attributes, luckily Gucci is coming out with a line of cases priced at around half the cost of the device.

Firefox growth stagnates; Chrome attacks

Internet Explorer keeps declining, and Mozilla needs to keep a watch on the Google at its back.

iPad ARM Core powers Samsung Wave smartphone

Is that an iPad ARM Core in your Samsung Wave smartphone? Why, yes, yes it is.