Apple offers repairs for faulty Time Capsule devices

Apple probably wishes it could go back in time and fix this problem: some customers who bought a Time Capsule, a device that was supposed to provide safe data backup, now find themselves with a 3.5-pound paperweight.

Apple working on 99-cent TV show rentals: report

At $1.99, buying an episode of a TV show on iTunes and other digital download sources is pretty cheap, but Apple may be hammering out a way to let consumers view that content even cheaper.

Fring enables cross-platform video calling on the iPhone 4

Are you unimpressed with Apple’s overly-hyped and rather restrictive FaceTime feature for the iPhone 4? 

No-name company sues pretty much every mobile phone maker

NTP Inc, a company that has been labeled a "patent troll," has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Apple, HTC, and LG.

Apple's iPhone 4 antenna bug may not be fixable

Although it promised that a firmware update would solve the so-called "grip of death," Apple has now admitted that the solution is not so simple, and in fact may not even be possible.

Android takes another bite from Apple's market share

Google's Android platform is continuing to make steady gains in market share, increasing by almost a half from February to May.

OpenFeint shifts Android gaming into overdrive

OpenFeint shifted Android-based gaming into overdrive today with its long-awaited announcement to fully support Google's popular mobile OS.

3D gaming arrives on the iPad

Want to play 3D games on your Apple iPad? Well, a Florida-based company - aptly named 3D Eye Solutions - will allow you to do just that.

AMOLED shortage threatens Android supply lines

An AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) shortage is threatening to "slow" the Android-Allied offensive against Apple's iPhone and its entrenched AMLCD technology.

Report: Next-gen iPod Touch to feature 5MP camera

Apple's next-gen iPod Touch will reportedly feature an advanced, forward-facing 5MP camera capable of shooting HD video at 720p.

Android 2.2 outperforms iOS4 in JavaScript duel

Can Froyo-powered devices run JavaScript faster than Apple's iPhone 4?

Apple iTunes hack affected 0.00003% of users

The fact that someone actually dug into a security hole and hacked personal iTunes accounts is nothing to be overlooked, but final details reveal that only about 3 out of every 1,000,000 iTunes account holders were affected.

Apple iPhone 4: We Apparently Aren’t that Stupid – 5 Apple Rules

There is a running dialog across a number of analysts that seems to circulate around the idea that Apple is doing an experiment on how gullible, or stupid, people are.    

Archetype FPS frags the iPhone

Villain is fraggin' the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with its multiplayer Archetype first-person shooter (FPS).

EU eyes Apple iPhone probe

European Union (EU) Commissioner Neelie Kroes is reportedly preparing to investigate the lack of interoperability between various smartphone platforms.

Chase iPhone update enables mobile check deposits

Have you ever wished that when someone handed you a check, you could instantly turn it into cash, right then and there? Well, the Chase iPhone app has made your dream come true.

iPad Flash hack spotted in the wild

A talented hacker known as Comex has reportedly managed to circumvent Apple's unpopular iPad Flash ban.

iTunes App Store accounts hacked

In what's clearly been a busy weekend for hackers, reports are appearing that there has been suspicious activity over at the iTunes App Store.

Best Buy employee fired for mocking iPhone fans

A Missouri Best Buy employee has been suspended and is expected to be fired because of a video he posted to Youtube mocking iPhone fans.

Apple says iPhone 4 reception is the "best"

Apple has issued an official statement rebuffing claims that its popular iPhone 4 shipped with a faulty antenna design.