Apple lifts the curtain on multitouch Mac Trackpad

Apple today unveiled its long-awaited Magic Trackpad, a replacement for traditional Mac mice that uses multitouch controls.

Samsung gives Galaxy S phones to those who renounced iPhone

In the latest twist of the guerrilla marketing warfare over the iPhone 4's reception problems, Samsung has begun shipping out free phones to people who posted negative messages about the iPhone 4 on their Twitter account.

Is jailbreaking your iPhone legal?

If Steve Jobs and Apple had their way, the penalty for jailbreaking would undoubtedly involve the mandatory donning of an ill-fitting orange jumpsuit and a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.

Apple nearly quadruples iPhone 4 international markets

Beginning this Friday, the iPhone 4 will officially be available in 17 more countries in addition to the 5 that have already received the device.

Apple becomes a bigger crybaby, attacks Droid X

Apparently Apple still needs to feel better about itself after its iPhone 4 press conference earlier this month, as it is now seemingly on a mission to belittle every other smartphone on the market.

Screen supply problems set to hit iPad production

LG Display says it will not be able to meet demand from Apple for LCD screens for the iPad, and is warning that the device's launch may be delayed in some countries.

Fixing antenna in white iPhone 4: will Apple admit failure?

Some are suggesting that the real reason behind the delay of Apple's iPhone 4 is because the company is looking at ways to tweak the phone's antenna. But wouldn't that mean Apple is admitting fault?

Want a free case for your faulty iPhone 4? There's an app for that!

Making good on its promise last week, Apple is now beginning to accept orders for free iPhone 4 bumper cases, but you have to submit them through an app on your iPhone 4.

Apple pushes back white iPhone release, again

Don't think this means Apple is going to fix the antennas with the white iPhone, or that Apple is racist, but it has yet again delayed the availability of the white iPhone.

Safari browser vulnerable to auto hack attack

WhiteHat has disclosed a critical security vulnerability in Apple's Safari browser that could allow hackers to extract personal information from the OS X address book.

Apparently there's an "80% chance" of a T-Mobile iPhone

With months and months (and months!) of rumors circulating about another carrier getting the rights to the iPhone, there must be something brewing, and now there's a report that says T-Mobile has an 80% shot at nabbing Apple's phone.

Apple appoints quality control guru

Steve Jobs has knighted a new Senior VP of Operations to ensure that all shiny Apple products meet "the highest standards of quality."

Apple just can't keep up with Android

Apple may have sold 3 million iPhone 4 units, but over 160,000 Android-powered devices are activated each day - at an approximate rate of two smartphones per second.

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft vs. HP: The Unfortunate Truth of the Smartphone

Antennagate aside there is an interesting problem that the market is having trouble dealing with. That problem is that Apple’s model, after nearly two decades of thinking it was obsolete, is working pretty damn well. 

Flipboard turns social news feeds into a personalized magazine

A new iPad application described as a 'social magazine' aims to present a user's Twitter and Facebook news feeds in a standard magazine format.

Can Windows Phone 7 take on Android and Apple?

Thousands of Windows Phone 7 prototypes manufactured by a number of industry heavyweights - such as Asus, LG and Samsung - are currently making their way to developers.

Old-school MacPaint's source code donated to museum

One of the very first computer drawing programs with a graphical user interface is now on display at the Computer History Museum, with the full source code available for all to see.

Is 2010 the year of the tablet?

Will the adoption of media tablets reach a mainstream tipping point during 2010? Well, not according to principal ABI researcher Jeff Or, who predicts the devices will likely fall short of "mass market" adoption.

SGN launches Android-to-iPhone aerial deathmatch

Are you an Android enthusiast with an itchy trigger finger who is just dying to put Apple fanbois in their place?

Apple's Antennagate marks the end of an era

Whether or not Steve Jobs intentionally deceived, inveigled and obfuscated is irrelevant. Antennagate - in all its embarrassing and over-hyped glory - clearly marks the end of a golden era for Apple.