Android fanboi crashes Apple party

An Android fanboi and his girlfriend managed to infiltrate a heavily guarded Apple store and deface several "magical" iPads with digital Android graffiti and wallpaper.

Android smartphone shipments jump 886%

Android smartphone shipments increased by a staggering 886% in Q2 2010, with companies such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG offloading a record number of units.

RIM preps BlackPad for November launch

RIM (Research in Motion) is reportedly prepping a tablet computer dubbed "BlackPad" for its November debut.

French carrier issues emergency iOS4 warning

Liberté, égalité, fraternité and a baguette? Certainly. Apple iOS4 running on the humble iPhone 3G? Non, merci. 

Microsoft refuses to be intimidated by Apple's iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer isn't all that impressed with Apple's so-called "magical" iPad.

Geezer Fanboi Mossberg: iPhone 4 is wicked cool

Unabashed Apple fanboi Walt Mossberg has opined - perhaps unbelievably so - that the iPhone 4 remains the "best device" in its class.

Is Apple downloading data from your iPhone?

A number of iPhone owners have reportedly observed large, unprompted data transfers that occur overnight.

Don't upgrade iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 software, warn users

If you have an iPhone 3G and feel left out because there's not a big problem to complain about like iPhone 4 owners, then just upgrade your phone to the iOS 4 software, which apparently can render the device useless.

SteamPunk artillery targets Apple iPhone

MaxNick is targeting Apple's iPhone and iPad with its SteamPunk-themed Box Battle artillery game.

Apple snubs Time Inc over iPad subscription ban

The notoriously fickle Apple has apparently banned Time Inc. from selling and managing subscriptions for its iPad apps.

Motorola puts ad in New York Times to strike back at Apple

After Apple posted a video online that ludicrously made it appear as though Motorola's Droid X suffered from the same problem as the iPhone 4, Motorola has taken out prominent ad space that basically tells Apple to shove it.

Internet-enabled TV more popular than 3D

3D movies such as Avatar may be all the rage, but enthusiasm for the relatively nascent medium has yet to significantly accelerate mainstream adoption of 3D-enabled television sets. 

Apple adds "Extensions" to Safari browser

Apple today put out the latest version of its Safari Web browser, version 5.0.1, which adds a new feature allowing users to customize their Internet experience with sophisticated new features.

Apple updates Mac OS X for SDXC, Magic Trackpad support

Alongside its new Mac product announcements from yesterday, Apple has issued a related update to its operating system that is available now for the new iMac systems.

iPad owners are 'selfish and unkind'

It's a truism that people either love Apple and all it stands for - or hate it. But the reason, according to consumer research outfit MyType, is that Apple fans, or iPad owners at any rate, are selfish, unkind people, whereas PC owners are independent geeks.

Apple wants you to "just say no" to jailbreaking

Have you ever been tempted to jailbreak your iPhone? Is the peer pressure simply too much for you to bear? Well, Steve Jobs feels your pain - but wants you to take a deep breath and "just say no."

Overheating iPad sparks lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed in the North District of California accusing Apple of falsely advertising its popular iPad as a reading device.

Could forced freedom make Apple stronger?

Clearly, Apple will fight the recent ruling surrounding opening up phones - but they may do better if they just capitulate.    

Apple touts $1,000 LED display

What do you buy for the Mac fanboi that has everything? Why, the new Apple 27-inch LED cinema display, of course!

Blaming it on Apple, 57% of consumers will never buy an iPhone 4

A new study shows that consumers have an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the iPhone 4's "Antennagate" debacle, likely moreover because of Apple's bewildering apathetic response to the problem than the actual problem itself.