Apple aims to patent kill switch for jailbreakers

Apple's continuing in its efforts to dictate exactly what its products are used for by applying for a patent on a way to prevent iPhone and iPod users from jailbreaking their devices.

People magazine subscribers get free access on iPad

In a move that seems kind of like a no-brainer but is actually a big step for the world of magazine publishing, Time Inc is now offering both the print and iPad versions of People magazine for one price.

Apple closes Quattro ad network to focus on iAd

Apple has written to Quattro clients warning them that it plans to shut down the Quattro Wireless ad network and focus exclusively on iAd.

Report: QNX Software to power RIM's BlackPad

An advanced operating system developed by QNX Software will reportedly power RIM's future BlackPad tablet.

App Store head sells fart apps on the side

It's nice to know what the top bods at Apple get up to in their spare time. Charity work, cultural events, time with their families... and fart apps.

Arab teen's iPhone app reaches 800,000 downloads

Abdulrahman AlZanki is credited with quite possibly being the youngest entrepreneur in Kuwait, and at 14 years old he is nearing his millionth iPhone app sale.

Mutated Microsoft mouse spotted in the wild

A mutated Microsoft mouse - which bears a distinct resemblance to Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame - has been spotted scampering around a German online store.

HP, Oracle, Apple: Canaries in a mineshaft

  Over the last several weeks we have seen serious problems at HP, Oracle and Apple that are potentially indicative of bigger problems cutting across corporations and potentially going far beyond the technology industry.

Vimeo streams HTML5 video to Apple mobile devices

Vimeo is launching a universal player that allows owners of Apple mobile devices - such as the iPhone or iPad - to watch embedded videos in HTML5 format.

Apple prepares to tackle China with iPad, iPhone 4

Apple has its eyes on the billion-plus people in China as the latest way to add to the tally of iPhone 4 and iPad sales, but it will have to overcome the lawlessness and poverty stricken throughout the giant country.

Apple con man pleads not guilty in face of huge evidence

Paul Devine has taken the easy step in his attempt to avoid jail time and heavy fines, by pleading not guilty, but now comes the hard part: explaining how his wife was wired more than $1,000,000 from Asian companies that work with Apple.

Apple iPad cannibalizes netbook sales

Apple's wildly popular iPad is apparently cannibalizing netbook sales, at least, according to Asustek.

Is Apple field testing a next-gen iPad?

Apple engineers may be close to field testing what appears to be a next-gen iPad or CDMA-enabled Verizon iPhone.

Users still want an iPhone 4 - just not from AT&T

Verizon could be set for a boost, to say the least, with a new survey suggesting that nearly a third of US cellphone subscribers would switch to the carrier if it started offering the iPhone.

Suppliers have no comment about Apple con man

It wasn't a good weekend for Paul Shin Devine, a global manager for Apple who's now a criminal, but the overseas suppliers involved now have their own problems to deal with.

Apple exec accused of taking kickbacks

An Apple manager has been arrested and accused of accepting a whopping $1 million in kickbacks from at least six Asian suppliers.

Does Oracle's anti-Google rampage benefit Apple?

Larry Ellison and Oracle do not want Google's Android to keep on rockin' in the free world. 

Rage hits 60 FPS on Apple iPhone 4

QuakeCon 2010 - id Software's John Carmack demoed an impressive version of Rage running at an amazing 60 FPS on an iPhone 4.

Sparks fly again over Apple's right to "iTV" name

If the speculation is true that Apple is going to brand its next version of the Apple TV as the "iTV," then it'll have a tough time facing the British broadcaster ITV, which one news outlet says is preparing legal action against Apple if necessary.

Microsoft tries to get serious about mobile gaming

The folks at Redmond want you to know that they are serious about mobile gaming. No, don't snicker - it's true and besides, we can hear you.