Apple fails to appropriate English word

Apple’s bid to trademark the iPad Mini has failed, quite spectacularly. The US Patents and Trademarks Office kindly told Cupertino lawyers that they cannot have a trademark on “iPad Mini” since the law doesn’t really allow anyone to trademark a description of the product, reports Forbes. 

Report: Apple builds a gaming controller

Apple has reportedly designed a dedicated gaming controller that it plans to launch at some point in the relatively near future.

Apple's iCloud is transparent nonsense

Opinion When Apple announced that it was moving into cloud based computing, the Tame Apple Press enthused about it so loudly, more sceptical voices were shouted down.

Apple iPhones are easy to hack

For years, Mac lovers could smugly poke fun at Windows users and their disease ridden PCs. Apple was much safer they claimed, and they were right. However, Apple gear wasn't safer because it was designed to be safer, it just wasn't as popular and hackers couldn't be bothered coming up with exploits for a platform used by a handful of enthusiasts.

Apple accused of appalling arrogance. By China

Despite an internet campaign to pressure the Chinese government to overlook Apple's dubious warranty practices, it looks like Apple fanboys behind the bamboo curtain will have to be protected from the company after all.

Report: Apple iPhone 5S to launch in June

A confidential manufacturer catalogue detailing new cases and chargers for iPhone devices seems to point to a June 2013 launch of the iPhone 5S.

Apple faces supply constraints

While Apple is doing its best to rally the troops, it appears that privately it is admitting that it has a long way to fall yet.

Report: Apple building a 4K iTV for 2013

Apple is reportedly prepping a 4K ultra HD (UHD) television which could debut by the end of 2013.

Smartphones, tablets to overwhelm notebook PCs

The latest survey of connected intelligent devices from IDC has revealed what we were all beginning to suspect – the day of the PC has gone, while tablets and smartphones continue their inexorable ascent.

T-mobile to end smartphone subsidies

T- Mobile USA has decided to bite the hand that feeds it, moving away from offering its customers smartphone subsidies.

Yes, China is an Android nation

Google's highly versatile Android operating system currently dominates the lucrative mobile market in China, where 300 million are expected to use the OS by the end of 2013.

Apple under investigation by Eurocrats in Brussels

Investigators at the headquarters of the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Belgium, are looking into allegations that Apple’s terms and conditions to sell its iPhone in Europe breach anticompetitive rules.

Report: Google wants in on smartwatch race

Rumors and speculation over an impending smartwatch race amongst industry heavyweights have been increasing in recent months.

Apple, HP give customer satisfaction

A survey of 10,000 US consumers has pointed to Apple and HP taking the top end of the satisfaction ratings for the computing segment in a Temkin Experience study. At the bottom of the rankings were Sony and Lenovo.

Apple blames Big Content

Apple has explained that the reason Australians have to pay more for their music content than the rest of the world is not its fault.

Malware hits Apple browsers

Malware writers are starting to take the Nintendo when it comes to hacking Apple gear.

Apple adopts two-step security verification

Cupertino has taken steps to bolster its security system for Apple ID accounts linked to popular services like iCloud and iTunes.

Tablets save retailers' bacon

While the humble desktop PC emits a death rattle across the world, consumers are flocking to tablets - devices which tend to be much more comfortable to keep on your lap when channel surfing.

Foxconn makes loss

Foxconn made a loss in 2012.The company, which makes mobile parts for the likes of Apple, Nokia Oyj and Huawei Technologies, said it made a net loss of $316.4 million last year, which it put down to weak orders from its big companies.  

Adobe meets Apple in a muddy business

This week Apple made the surprise announcement that it was hiring its long running enemy Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as vice president of technology. Industry watchers who have been following Cupertino's antics to kill off Flash on the internet were surprised.