Slide-on cases can crack iPhone glass

Apple may have another big iPhone 4 problem on its hands, with reports that the engineering team are scrabbling to deal with numerous complaints over cracked glass on the back of the phone.

New report sheds even more light on Verizon iPhone

A version of the iPhone capable of running on Verizon's CDMA-based mobile network will be manufactured at the end of 2010, leading the path to an early 2011 launch for the device.

Motorola accuses Apple of patent infringement

Motorola - once a stalwart Apple ally - is now accusing the Cupertino-based company of unlawfully infringing a number of its patents.

What will Apple's new iPhone look like?

What will Apple's new iPhone lineup look like? And when will Club Cupertino finally end its unpopular exclusivity arrangement with AT&T?

It's official: Android is now the most popular smartphone OS

It's official! Android is now rated the most popular operating system amongst consumers who purchased a smartphone over the past six months.

Merlin the Dolphin doesn't like Apple's iPad

Sorry Steve Jobs, but Merlin the Bottlenose Dolphin prefers the rugged Toughbook over your "magical" iPad.

Apple challenges massive patent award

Apple's attempting to overturn what would be one of the biggest patent damages awards ever, potentially costing it over $625 million.

Amazon begins selling iPad

Amazon has now officially begun selling the iPad, one of its fiercest rivals in the portable media market, in a move that represents just how powerful each side has in its core business.

Is Steve Jobs a control freak?

Sure, we've all heard the Silicon Valley rumors, but is Steve Jobs really a control freak? Well, Adidas - which recently pulled a $10 million mobile iAd campaign - certainly seems to think so. 

Early iPad adopters more satisfied than recent buyers

You remember all those crazies who waited outside the Apple Store for hours to buy one on launch day? Well, apparently they're actually still using their device and haven't lost their luster for it.

Will Apple's next iMac have a touchscreen?

What would make Apple's iMac even cooler, sleeker and sexier than it already is? Well, an interactive touchscreen, of course!

Microsoft unites the big guns to invalidate patents

The big three of the software and computer industries are uniting for a common cause. Microsoft Corp. has the support of Google Inc. and Apple Inc. in their attempt to get a patent-infringement verdict overturned.

Samsung sells all AMOLED displays to Apple: Tweets

Tweets from an influential journalist suggest that Samsung is completely out of AMOLED supply because Apple placed a gigantic order, thus temporarily suspending production of Galaxy S and Wave phones.

Is Apple's AirPlay a game changer?

Does Apple's AirPlay have what it takes to revolutionize the consumer audio industry once again?

Apple TV gets torn down and dissected

Apple’s latest set top-box has been torn down, disassembled and dissected by the talented iFixIt crew.

Apple eyes HTML5 mobile makeover

Apple has tasked its newly formed "creative technology" team with designing interactive HTML5-based content for iOS-powered mobile devices.

Thinner iPad with camera, USB might come as early as June

Apple's newest version of the iPad might come out in less than 10 months, or just a little over a year after the first one went on sale.

Dev-Team SHAtters Apple TV with iOS 4.1 jailbreak

Wow, that was quick! The iPhone Dev-Team has already managed to decrypt the iOS 4.1 firmware powering Apple’s latest set-top box. 

$149 iPod nano costs Apple $45.10 to manufacture

Apple's sixth-generation 8GB iPod nano - which carries a hefty $149 price tag - reportedly costs Club Cupertino $45.10 (per unit) to manufacture. This adds up to approximately 30 percent of its retail price.

New Apple TV begins shipping despite delay woes

Although speculation began circulating that the newly remodeled Apple TV wouldn't be available until October, it seems the device has begun shipping out to customers who were originally told they'd receive it in September.