Apple defies economic recession with record breaking profits

Apple continued to defy the global economic recession by posting record breaking profits for its fiscal 2010 fourth quarter.

Should Apple's iPad be categorized as a PC?

Apple's popular iPad currently dominates the relatively nascent tablet market. But could the industry eventually reclassify the powerful device as a full-fledged PC?

A creative band's PR stunt - ditch instruments for iPhones

Oh, what some people will do for a little viral publicity...  Actually, seriously, this is pretty cool.

Boy and dad shoot iPhone to space, capture video

The interpid duo put the phone into an insulated capsule which was then attached to a weather balloon. The balloon soared until it went outside the planet and then, at 100,000 feet above its deployment, the balloon burst.

There are now 300,000 apps on Apple's App Store

Think it's difficult navigating through all those available downloads on your iPhone? The App Store is adding 1,000 new titles every day and now totals a mind-boggling 300,000 apps.

Apple takes a bite out of AMD

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer has acknowledged that Apple's wildly popular iPad is cannibalizing sales of netbooks, notebooks and laptops.

New York Times lures in iPad readers with free app

It looks like the New York Times was worried about sustaining itself with a paid iPad app, so it'll offer the downloadable newspaper for free, but with ads.

Can Apple's iPad reshape the mobile PC market?

Apple’s wildly popular iPad currently dominates the tablet space. But is the device poised to reshape the rapidly evolving mobile PC market?

Sam's Club will also start selling iPads, iPhones

The warehouse club owned by the Wal-Mart corporation will follow its sister store and begin stocking iPads for sale tomorrow, helping to catapult the number of retails outlets offering the device to more than 2,300 stores in the US.

Apple gets back to the Mac

Apple is apparently shifting its focus back to the shiny Mac after conquering the tablet market with its "magical" iPad.

Apple patents technology that can block obscene texts

Parents will begin singing the Hallelujah chorus if Apple's latest patent comes to light, which would prevent any incoming texts found to contain objectionable content.

Zune software going to Macs. Heads explode

For the first time since the introduction of Microsoft's Zune media player several years ago, the platform that was once seen as a direct rival to iTunes will be going to Apple's computer operating system.

iPhone 4 screens are fragile, says insurer

Either iPhone 4 users are a particularly clumsy lot, or the device really is more fragile than its predecessors.

Wal-Mart gets the iPad on Friday

For most people, it's a dream to get their product sold at Wal-Mart. When it comes to the iPad, though, Wal-Mart is the lucky one, as Apple is now letting the world's leading retailer sell its tablet computer.

Eminem's publisher demands $2.2 million from Apple

Eminem's music publisher has demanded that a (Detroit) US District Court judge enforce a $2.2 million settlement with Apple.

India reportedly now wants a CDMA iPhone

When Apple invests money into creating something new, you know it'll go all the way. So as long as it's creating a new version of the iPhone, it says it may as well start peddling it to other countries that use the same standard.

Verizon iPhone will have dual GSM/CDMA chip: report

The still-unconfirmed Verizon iPhone will be able to take advantage of Verizon's leading coverage area in the USA, but will also be able to make calls overseas thanks to a built-in receiver that not only taps into Verizon's leading CDMA network but also GSM networks as well.

Windows Phone 7: The power and danger of choice

Today a large number of Windows Phones were launched - but one of Apple’s greatest disadvantages and one of their greatest advantages is the limited choice of their phone.

Apple forces clone-maker to halt production

It's amazing it's taken this long, perhaps, but Apple has forced iPhone imitator Meizu to stop selling the iPhone lookalike M8.

Apple mulls subscription-based all-you-can-eat iTunes

Apple is reportedly considering a big change to its iTunes music service that would give users access to the entire music library for a monthly fee.