Apple execs are swimming in cash

Two high-ranking Apple executives have cashed in on lucrative stock options worth a combined total of more than $55 million.

Apple now ranks #4 in global phone sales

Go out to the stores and tell me how many Apple phones you find compared to Samsung, Nokia, or LG. That's right - 1. Despite having the leanest mobile phone repertoire in the business, Apple now ranks fourth in global sales.

Apple SIM card could let users switch carriers

Apple is reportedly working on integrating a SIM card within the iPhone itself, allowing European customers to choose a carrier at the time of purchase and then get their iPhone working immediately through an app store download.

White iPhone? You ain't seeing that thing until 2011

Apple can build up a global colossal empire, create the most heralded phone platform of all time, and astound us with its unmatched level of arrogance, but there's one thing it can't do: slap a new color on one of its products.

Rumor: Steve Jobs eyes Sony acquisition

Is the venerable Steve Jobs and his trusty band of acolytes plotting a hostile takeover or acquisition of Sony with Club Cupertino’s $51 billion war chest?

Android Market: Now serving 100,000 apps

Google's wildly popular Android market has hit a major milestone: over 100,000 apps and counting!

Melinda Gates: "Apple? Not in my house!"

Melinda Gates is the co-leader of the highest-capital non-profit organization in the world, but she's doing an even better service for her household in not allowing any bloated Apple products.

Apple beats RIM to number two smartphone spot

Apple's finally overtaken RIM in terms of worldwide smartphone sales and is creeping up behind market-dominating Nokia.

Is Apple ditching Flash for the Mac?

It seems as if Club Cupertino has stepped up its war of attrition against Adobe by refusing to pre-install Flash on the new MacBook Air.

A third of iPad owners have never downloaded an app

It's an often-asked question - yes, of course the iPad is a wonderful device, but is it actually any use? And now figures from Nielsen appear to show that many owners can't think of a thing to do with it.

AT&T activates a record 5.2 million iPhones

With Verizon expecting to start selling its own iPhone any day now, the effect on AT&T won't be a gradual slowdown, it'll be more like a massive cliff dive.

Apple eyes low-power LCD displays

Apple has filed a patent application with the USPTO for an advanced LCD display panel that is expected to significantly extend the battery life of mobile devices by consuming less power.

Apple redefines the Mac with OS X Lion

OS X Lion, which ships next summer, is expected to offer users a sleeker, more iPad like experience.

Apple vs. Google vs. RIM vs. TweetDeck: Why losers and winners shouldn't trash talk

Don’t get me wrong - the kind of drama going on in the tech world right now is like candy to a baby for me and I certainly don’t want it to stop.  

Apple debuts next-gen MacBook Air

W00T! The sexy, next-gen MacBook Air has hit Apple stores across the country in sleek 11 and 13-inch form factors.

Starbucks to begin offering free e-books, iTunes songs

As if rolling out free Wi-Fi to its entire nationwide chain of coffee shops wasn't enough, Starbucks will now offer free downloadable content if you connect to its network.

RIM: Steve Jobs lives in a reality "distortion field"

RIM is hella angry at Apple CEO Steve Jobs for claiming that 7-inch touchscreen devices - such as the PlayBook - are woefully undersized for the tablet market.

Tablets, some good, some, so so

We recently saw no less than a half dozen tablet announcements, and it seems as if everyone is going have one. 

HyperMac pulls MacBook charging kits after Apple lawsuit

The only company to offer external MacBook batteries and chargers has been forced to take its products off the market following legal pressure from Apple.

Steve Jobs remains unimpressed with Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains utterly unimpressed with Google's popular Android mobile operating system.