BBC admits existence of other operating systems

The era where Apple fanboys at the BBC use license payer money to prop up Apple's tablet business, has finally come to a close. The BBC does not allow access to its programs worldwide. The UK charges anyone with a TV or other device a large license fee, with hefty penalties if people are found to be unlicensed.

Was Apple caught off guard by the rise of phablets?

Smartphone users continue to clamor for larger screens, faster performance and more storage. Device makers are obliging popular demand by stepping up to the plate and offering what appears to be ever-increasing screen sizes along with improved specs.

Apple sends phones back to Foxconn

Foxconn could be about to spend a quarter of a billion dollars replacing millions of faulty iPhones, dumped back on its heels by Apple.

Apple's revenues unlikely to surge

Opinion Tomorrow Apple is going to announce its results and it is starting to look like there will be few who will be cheering.

Apple man relocates to AMD - confirmed

Our old friend  Raja Koduri, who was poached by Apple four years ago to head up its graphic stuff, has been re-poached by AMD, it has been confirmed.

Apple keeps Siri data for two years

Apple has confirmed that it keeps Siri-related data for up to two years after the information is anonymized.

Nokia comes back from the dead

Former rubber boot maker Nokia is likely to report that it has come back from the dead.

Apple shares lose their sparkle

Apple shares briefly dipped below $400 on Wednesday, hitting their lowest level since December 2011. Apple closed at $402.80, down 5.5 percent, after one of its key suppliers issued a disappointing forecast. 

TSMC growth surges on

TSMC has wrapped up yet another stellar quarter. The chipmaker’s profit rose 18 percent year-on-year to NT$39.6 billion ($1.3bn). As usual, strong demand for smartphone and tablet chips helped boost TSMC’s profitability.

Hynix and Samsung make unholy alliance

It looks like Hynix will recover from Apple's falling iPhone sales by selling its DRAM to Cupertino's arch enemy, Samsung.

Intel resigns itself to a future without the letter "i"

Opinion In his departing notes to shareholders last night, Intel CEO Paul Otellini was remarkably upbeat about a boat that is increasingly beginning to resemble the now famous Itanic.

Inexpensive Apple iPhones on the way

Rumours of a cheaper iPhone have been floating around for ages, but this time around it's expected Apple will indeed introduce a low-cost version of the device, designed with emerging markets in mind.

Google Glass specs fail to excite

Google has released its policies for its "internet for four eyes" project – Google Glass.

Apple trader faces jail

A trader who thought that Apple was a safe bet faces 25 years in prison.

Apple shortfall dents panel business

One of the main producers of iPhone screens, Japan Display, is looking around for new customers after the shine went off Apple's business.

Apple prompts massive hiring splurge

Foxconn has gone on a hiring spree, adding as many as 10,000 assembly line jobs per week in Zhengzhou, its major iPhone production facility.

Microsoft watch seems to be on the cards

As wearable electronics are set to emerge as a new  trend - with recent reports that Apple and Samsung are working on their own watches - it seems Microsoft may be about to have another pop at an interactive wristwatch.

Android, not Apple, may soon lead tablets

Approximately 150 million tablets (up 38% year-over-year) are forecasted to ship globally in 2013. Thus far, Apple has reigned since the introduction of its iPad in 2010, though Samsung and others continue to erode its early success.

Intel Thunderbolt is on the road to nowhere

Intel has been showing off its next-generation Thunderbolt technology which boasts double the speed and backward compatibility of the earlier versions. The technology does look good on paper and the fact that it is going under the bonnet of Apple machines means that it is guaranteed a lot of excited free publicity from the Apple frenzied press.

Office for iOS, Android delayed

Microsoft has apparently been forced to delay the rollout of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android by almost a year.