Report: iPad Mini will be WiFi-only

It's unlikely there will be a version of the upcoming iPad Mini with access to 3G or 4G mobile data networks.

Apple's Lightning cable cloned

A Chinese company says it's been able to crack the microchip inside Apple's Lightning cable, allowing it to sell a low-cost version of the cable and dock.

Tech giants team up for developer resource site

A group of industry heavyweights including the four biggest browser makers, along with Apple, Google and Microsoft, are promising to centralize developer resources.

Another alleged strike happens at Foxconn

Foxconn is yet again playing damage control after a report claims workers walked off the job.

Rumor: 10 million iPad Minis on the way

Apple expects big things from the smaller version of its tablet device.

iPhone 5 purple flare: it's your own fault

Apple's conceded that the camera on the new iPhone 5 is causing a purple flare to appear on photos - but says it's the users' fault.

Report: New Apple iPad surfaces in dev logs

An Apple iPad with the enigmatic "iPad3,6" designation was recently discovered by a developer in his app analytics log. 

World mourns again on anniversary of Jobs death

The Internet is flooded with fresh praise and memories of the life of Steve Jobs today.

Consumer Reports says Apple's iPhone 5 is a winner

Apple's iPhone 5 has been ranked as "one of the best smartphones" and the "best iPhone yet" by none other than Consumer Reports.  

Galaxy sales boost Samsung's profits

Samsung has reported a quarterly profit of $7.3 billion - nearly double the figure for the same period last year, and well above analysts' expectations - thanks to strong sales of high end televisions and Galaxy phones.

Report: Apple iPad Mini falls behind schedule

Apple's highly anticipated "iPad mini" is reportedly 4-6 weeks behind its original production schedule due to various manufacturing issues.

Modbook Pro priced at $3500

The device that no one expected to actually see come to light is now available for pre-order.

Report: Apple still wants to move Macs away from Intel chips

A recently published report confirms that Apple is still interested in moving its Mac product line from Intel x86 chips to RISC-based ARM processors.

Is HP trying to be the new Apple?

Frankly, it has frustrated me for years to watch Apple’s success - while traditional bumbling PC companies continue to ignore the obvious point that yes, design and presentation actually do matter.

Report: iPad Mini production has begun

Apple is apparently already stockpiling its new smaller version of the iPad.

Apple Maps more data-efficient than Google

Well, it seems as if there is actually something good to be said about Apple Maps - it uses a fifth as much data as Google's version.

Samsung claims Apple juror was biased

Samsung is attempting to have the recent $1 billion patent verdict in favor of Apple thrown out, on the basis that the foreman of the jury was biased.

Apple now second most powerful brand, behind Coke

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Apple is now officially ranked as the second most powerful brand in the world.

Netflix iPad app updated, adds "Just for Kids"

Netflix has updated its iPad app, bringing with it the increasingly important "Just for Kids" version of the streaming service.

Galaxy Tab ban lifted as Samsung attacks iPhone 5

Samsung has succeeded in getting the US sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lifted - and is celebrating by having a pop at the iPhone 5 with yet another patent lawsuit.