Pair sues Apple over iPhone locking

Two iPhone users have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that it's violating anti-trust laws by locking the phones to AT&T.

Analyst: iPad Mini will be "nightmare" for tablet rivals

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu says he believes Apple's upcoming iPad Mini will prove to be "the competition's worst nightmare."

The really cheap Android tablets are coming

Tablets are about to take over the world - but you probably already knew that.

iPad Mini being called an "iPad cannibal"

It seems the main tech talking point ahead of Apple's iPad Mini launch is that the new device will cannibalize sales of the bigger and more expensive iPad.

Apple loses appeal over Samsung design

Apple's lost its appeal over a UK ruling that Samsung's Galaxy tablet doesn't infringe its registered design for the iPad - a decision that is valid in the whole of Europe.

iPad Mini will not be a one size fits all tablet

Leaked list of iPad Mini SKUs tips 24 incoming models.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

Apple iPad Mini to debut October 23

Apple has sent out official invitations for an event on October 23 in San Jose, California where the company is likely debut a number of new products, including the long-awaited iPad Mini.

The creeping bloat of iOS apps

The iPad 3's Retina display along with Apple's more liberal submission policy have prompted the file sizes of popular iOS apps to grow substantially - especially for games.

Apple hires doctoral search guru for Siri

Apple really wants to beef up its voice recognition platform.

Massive ebook price-fixing suit leads to settlement

If you are an avid ebook user, chances are you are in for a nice little surprise.

Apple wants a new chip supplier STAT

We recently reported that Apple is working with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to design 20nm quad-core chips for use in future iOS devices.

Report: Apple prepping thinner iMacs

Apple is reportedly prepping a thinner iMac that could roll out at some point in the near future.

Apple eyes 20 nm quad-core chips for next-gen iPad

A prominent industry analyst reports that Apple is working with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to design 20nm quad-core chips for use in future iOS devices.

Samsung responds to Nexus ban overturn

Samsung has issued a formal response to a judge's decision to overturn a ban on the Galaxy Nexus phone.

iPad Mini reveal now tapped for October 23

It is now believed that Apple's big event to unveil a smaller version of the iPad will happen on October 23.

Nexus sales ban overturned

The US Court of Appeals has overturned the ban on sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone, saying the California court that imposed it had 'abused its discretion'.

Invitations for iPad Mini event still MIA

Questions are swirling around after Apple failed to send out invitations to an iPad Mini event, which was expected to happen yesterday.

Consumer Reports: Purple haze not an iPhone 5 issue

Consumer Reports is defending its positive review of the iPhone 5, saying the recent flare-up about the device's camera is an issue common across many smartphones.

One Apple remote to control them all

Will the iPad Mini feature game-changing TV remote functionality? One analyst thinks it might.