Microsoft steps up Surface RT tablet efforts

Sales of Microsoft's Windows 8 RT tablet may be less-than-stellar, but Redmond remains determined to promote its flagship tablet in mainstream retail stores.

Paying a premium for Apple's HDTV

Apple is reportedly working on a full-fledged HDTV that is expected to redefine the conventional television market.

Analyst says new iPhone and iPad due in June

An analyst at Jeffries investment firm says Apple will roll out its next iPhone and iPad by June 2012, to be followed by a television set in the fall of 2013.

Apple Maps could kill, say Aussie police

Australian police are warning drivers not to use Apple Maps, after six people needed rescuing thanks to the app's dodgy directions.

Video: Enter, says the DoorBot

There is certainly no lack of devices on the market that will allow you to remotely view just who is knocking at your front door.  

T-Mobile promises Apple devices next year

T-Mobile has revealed that it's signed a deal with Apple, making it likely that the company will start offering the iPhone and iPad next year.

Apple wants to redefine television for a new age

Apple has redefined mobile computing over the years with its wildly popular iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. So what's next for Cupertino?

Apple and samsung back in court today

After an all-too-brief breather, Apple and Samsung are girding their loins for another courtroom battle, with Samsung seeking to overturn a $1 billion patent verdict imposed in August.

Demand for tablets has never been higher

A strong competitive market - including surging Android tablet shipments and robust demand for Apple's iPad mini - has prompted analysts at IDC to revise their 2012 projection for the worldwide tablet market.

Apple launches iTunes store in major new markets

Apple's opened its iTunes store in 56 more countries, nearly doubling the number of territories covered.

iTunes finally gets a makeover

A month late, Apple has released iTunes 11, a revamped version of its music software.

Apple fires Maps head Richard Williamson

Some might argue that he should have been tarred and feathered, but Apple has, reportedly, restrained itself and merely fired iOS 6 Maps chief Richard Williamson.

New Apple iMac hits stores on Friday

Apple has confirmed that its new 21.5-inch iMac will be available this Friday, November 30, while the 27-inch iteration of the AIO desktop is slated to ship in December.

Android eats away at Apple's tablet market share

Apple's wildly popular iPad continues to dominate the tablet market at 55%, although Cupertino's share of the lucrative space declined approximately 14% in 3Q 2012.

In tit-for-tat, Apple seeks to expand Samsung patent suit

Apple's asked a court to allow it to add six more Samsung products to its patent infringement lawsuit in what's an ever-escalating battle between the two firms.

Mobile app revenue set to break $30 billion

To-date revenues accumulated by the global mobile application market remains on track to break the $30 billion milestone by the end of 2012.

Samsung patent fight spreads to iPad Mini

The iPad Mini's likely to become the target of a patent suit, with Samsung seeking permission to add it to the list of iOS devices it's targeting.

New Apple HQ faces delay

Apple's new 'spaceship' headquarters will be making a late landing: the completion date's been pushed back a year to mid-2016.

NTSB ditches Blackberry for iPhone 5

RIM loses yet another major federal client.

Analyst says Apple HDTV launch likely in 2013

Analyst believes design will be the prominent selling point for Apple's upcoming HDTV set, along with  support for unbundled TV channels.