Apple Store shifts focus to dollars, not customers

Get ready to be upsold next time you walk into an Apple Store.

Apple retail exec: "we messed up"

Apple is showing a rare case of humility.

Apple Stores seeing massive layoffs: report

Even though Apple hype is nearing a fever pitch right now, things might not be so great for the company's retail channel.

New iPad will go on sale at exactly 8 AM Friday

Those who weren't quick enough to pre-order their new iPad online have one last resort.

Apple reportedly gives big discounts to employees

If you work at Apple, your biggest perk is already the savings you get on a new Mac, and now that savings is getting even greater.

Real estate firm equates Apple Store to White House

An average square foot of an Apple Store location is worth about as much as the White House's per-square-foot value.

Apple firms up Grand Central store opening

As of tomorrow, there will be a brand new tourist trap in New York City - located inside what is already one of the biggest tourist attractions.

Apple's Grand Central store won't open Black Friday

Apple's giant retail presence at one of the most iconic landmarks in the country won't be ready in time for this week's big shopping holiday, despite speculation that it would.

Apple Stores to hold Steve Jobs 'moment of silence'

Apple store locations nationwide will be closed for 90 minutes today following a private memorial honoring the life of Steve Jobs.

Apple to open flagship Hong Kong store

Apple's retail expansion into China continues to blossom, as the company is now targeting Hong Kong as the next location.

China finds 5 fake Apple stores in one city

Chinese authorities have discovered more fake Apple stores. The city of Kunming happens to have five of them.

Apple Store at Grand Central deal could be finalized

Apple may soon get approval from New York's public transit division to build a retail store in Grand Central terminal.

Complete Apple store faked in China

Faking Apple products is nothing new in China, the world leader in counterfeited goods. But according to a blogger in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, some bright spark's gone a little further.

Apple's "back to school" promo offers $100

Apple has launched its annual "Back to School" promotional offer.

Grand Central Station Apple Store rumors resurface

At first there were a few rumblings, then it seemed like an abandoned idea, and now it looks like Apple does want to build a store at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Chaotic fight erupts in China over iPhone launch

The launch of the white iPhone 4 in China turned into an all-out brawl that left an Apple Store damaged and forced closed for an entire day.

Love Tech: Marriage prep app released

Having trouble managing your relationship with your significant other? Now you can rely on an app to help you with matters of the heart.

Apple eyes store in historic Moscow building

The first Apple Store in Russia may be coming soon.

Apple scraps all restocking fees

Remember what an amazing, earth-shattering thing it was when Steve Jobs said buyers on a faulty iPhone 4 could return their defective device without paying a restocking fee? Well, apparently, the Earth just completely exploded.

Credit card scanner comes to iPhone, Apple Stores

Business software specialist Intuit is bringing an entire credit card payment solution to the iPhone, an addition that will help boost the device's presence among small business users.