iPhone geiger counters are big in Japan

Sanwa has debuted the Fukushima - a cheap Geiger counter for the iPhone that allows users to monitor their surroundings for possible radiation.

Claim: iPhone is the cheapest to support

Apple fans don’t really need additional reasons to worship at the altar of Steve Jobs, but they’re getting them anyways.

FBI launches Child ID app

The FBI has launched its official Child ID app, which allows parents to electronically store photos and critical information about their children in case they go missing.

Last year's iPhone still selling like hotcakes

Last year’s iPhone may be “old” to most fanboys, but it’s still selling at a high rate.

Apple makes S. Korea payment over tracking

Apple may be a corporate mega giant who is creating a cult of personality, but even they aren’t immune to South Korean law.

Two Australians dream of an iPhone bottle opener

You can do a lot of things with an iPhone, but you can’t use it to open a beer. Two heavy drinking Australians are working to change that. 

Prepare for hurricane season with iMap Weather Radio App

Weather Decision Technologies announced today that hurricane emergency alerting is now a part of the iMapWeather Radio app.     

JOBY launches an iPhone stop motion camera app

JOBY has debuted a free iPhone 4 camera app that easily creates and shares stop motion videos.

This app lets you relive your best nights out

Unilever has coded a mobile app with the ability to make a record of an unforgettable night out.

F-Browser app brings Flash video compatibility to the iPhone

Retina Software announced yesterday that its F-Browser app is now available in the Apple AppStore. It allows users to play Flash videos on the iPhone.

State Farm app lets people use their smartphone to be better drivers

State Farm has released an app that teaches parents and teens how to be better drivers.

Apps that help students with final exams on Android and iPhone

College and high school students love smartphones and hate final exams. It was only a matter of time before someone tried combining the two.

Your iPhone can be used for mowing lawns

Are you too lazy or too busy to mow your lawn? Now you can use your iPhone to get the job done.

Opinion: Michigan cops imposing a digital police state

Michigan State Police are accused of stealing driver’s cell phone data on routine traffic stops. Michigan has become a digital police state.

Love Tech: Marriage prep app released

Having trouble managing your relationship with your significant other? Now you can rely on an app to help you with matters of the heart.

New wine app powers the meal pairings of the future

In the future you will always have the perfect meal with the right wine to go along with it. The power of Semantic Web technology will make this easier for sommeliers than ever before.

Can Sony's NGP compete against Apple's iPhone?

Sony’s tricked-out NGP undoubtedly represents the future of mobile console gaming. But can it successfully compete against Apple’s iPhone which offers a fully integrated smartphone-entertainment experience?

The iPhone app that reads minds: What’s next?

It’s a device that looks like Professor Xavier’s Cerebro helmet, the weird twist? The iPhone application that it was designed for can read minds much like the fictionalized supercomputer from comic book legend.

Verizon iPhone expected to cannibalize AT&T sales

A Piper Jaffray analyst confirms what everyone already knows: Pent up demand for a Verizon iPhone (yes, finally!) is likely to cannibalize AT&T sales.