Android ecosystem takes the baton from Apple iPad in the tablet race

A shift in leadership is now upon the tablet mobile computing market. Indeed, analysts at ABI Research recently identified a trio of events signaling Apple’s iPad family of products has passed the baton to the Android ecosystem.

Fifth generation iPad rumoured for release in March 2013

Apple is now rumored to launch the next generation iPad in March 2013 as well as a second generation iPad Mini. 

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD won't topple Apple's iPad

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD lineup may be an "ambitious" initiative, but is unlikely to unseat Apple's iPad as the reigning king of the tablet market.

The unlikely $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet that could kill Apple's iPad

Rumors of a $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet have likely prompted a number of corporate bigwigs - from Apple to PC OEMs - to experience unpleasant chest pains in recent days.

Tablet shipments to outpace notebook sales by 2016

Tablet PCs, such as Apple's iPad, are expected to be the primary growth driver for the mobile PC market over the next few years.

Orbitz iPad app lets travelers book hotels

In a bad economy more people are deciding to give up airline travel for road trips, meaning that they will most likely need on the go travel tools.

Playboy puts every issue ever made online

There’s good news for men who may have thought that large parts of their Playboy magazine collection were lost forever.

Opinion: Waiting in line to buy burgers and iPads is uncool

People love to buy things, but their willingness to wait in long lines for the chance to purchase In-N-Out Burgers and iPads is getting ridiculous.

New e-Display will revolutionize handheld devices

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have developed a new e-Display. The breakthrough is expected to maximize screen brightness and readability, while significantly reducing power consumption compared to current-gen devices.

GreenPeace criticizes iPad's large carbon footprint

GreenPeace has expressed its concern over the iPad's rather potentially large carbon footprint.

iPad app developers focus on tablet games

A recent study conducted by mobile research company Flurry Analytics has found that 44 percent of apps currently being tested for the Apple iPad fall into the crowded games category.