iTether beats App Store blockade by going HTML 5

A few happy iPhone users were able to get their hands on iTether last year when the app was briefly on Apple's App Store.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is here

I always thought the original Parrot AR.Drone was a really cool 'copter. However, I couldn't bring myself to spend almost $300 on a toy I knew my kids would step on or I might crash and ruin.

Updated: Microsoft preps Office for Apple's iPad

Microsoft is reportedly set to submit an iPad-optimized version of its flagship Office suite to the App Store for approval.

Eyes-free texting could aid visially impaired

Braille could become the new craze at school, thanks to a new app that lets people text without looking - leaving teachers in the dark about messages flying around the class.

FBI steps up social media tracking

´╗┐The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is actively seeking developers to code a platform capable of monitoring social networks for threats.

The Fed wants an app for monitoring public opinion

The Federal Reserve is looking to hire some coders.

App could help slash freeway deaths

A new app to be tested in California this summer is claimed to be able to reduce freeway pile-ups by 40 percent.

State Farm app lets people use their smartphone to be better drivers

State Farm has released an app that teaches parents and teens how to be better drivers.

Apps that help students with final exams on Android and iPhone

College and high school students love smartphones and hate final exams. It was only a matter of time before someone tried combining the two.

Your iPhone can be used for mowing lawns

Are you too lazy or too busy to mow your lawn? Now you can use your iPhone to get the job done.

Love Tech: Marriage prep app released

Having trouble managing your relationship with your significant other? Now you can rely on an app to help you with matters of the heart.

Popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino adds video poker

The popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino has added video poker to its lineup of social games.  

Time Warner and Viacom take iPad dispute to court

Time Warner and Viacom have upped the stakes in their battle over whether Viacom's programming should be available on the iPad.

Photo-sharing network says goodbye to privacy

How does a social network with no privacy settings at all sound? Because that's the setup with Color, a new application from Bill Nguyen, the entrepreneur who sold Lala to Apple in 2009 for around $80 million.

RIM axes DUI checkpoint app

Research in Motion (RIM) - succumbing to heavy pressure by U.S. politicians - has agreed to remove all BlackBerry apps designed to help drivers evade DUI checkpoints.

Rights groups up in arms over anti-gay app

Apple's coming under fire from gay rights groups over an app that claims to be able to 'cure' homosexuality.

App helps you lie to your boss

A new app from British firm Gospelware is designed to help unimaginative employees bunk off work.

Now you never need see Charlie Sheen again

Some people just have to swim against the current. And while it seems most of us just can't get enough of reading about that exemplar of tolerance and good taste, Charlie Sheen, others are not so enthusiastic.

New wine app powers the meal pairings of the future

In the future you will always have the perfect meal with the right wine to go along with it. The power of Semantic Web technology will make this easier for sommeliers than ever before.

App translates signs and menus in real time

A new iPhone app is claimed to give an instant translation of the written word, allowing tourists to read foreign signs, menus and the like.