Google Maps app tips up on iOS 6

Apple caused quite a stir by removing Google's Map app from its latest iteration of iOS. 

Updated Netflix app rolls out for Android handsets

Updated Netflix app goes live on Google Play for Android-powered smartphones.

PowerA Moga Android gaming controller launches in late October

Android game controller launches on October 21.

Slash's app for destruction

If you're a musician and want to record yourself or your band, you don't need to book time in a top-notch studio anymore. 

NFL Game Rewind hits Android tablets

NFL aficionados know sports fans don't always agree with every play called on the field and often want to more closely examine specific plays. 

Smartphone app tracks battlefield targets

New software takes advantage of smartphones’ GPS and imaging abilities to pinpoint the location of distant objects as well as monitoring their speed and direction.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering tweaks the traditional RPG for touchscreen fun

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering tweaks the traditional RPG for Android touchscreen fun.

Samsung's Drive Link goes live for Galaxy S III

Smartphone companies and various automotive heavyweights are attempting to reduce the number of distractions that drivers face during their daily commute.

Major Pandora update for Android goes live

Pandora has rolled out a major upgrade for the mobile Android version of its streaming online radio app.

OoVoo brings four-way video chatting to iOS and Android

OoVoo - a social video chat provider that claims 54 million subscribers - has updated its Android and iOS apps to support four-way video chats and text conversations with up to 12 people.

New YouTube app hits Sony PS3

When it comes to watching videos online, most people head to Google's YouTube.

CoD: Black Ops Zombies game app hits Android

I've always been a big fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PC, and especially liked playing in Zombies mode.

Handheld Android gaming console goes live for $106

Intensive game playing on an Android smartphone is one quick way to drain your battery.

GameKlip turns your Android smartphone into a portable console

One of the biggest problems mobile gamers have with their smartphones are the controls, or lack thereof.

Xbox Live iOS app turns Apple iPad into remote control

Microsoft updated its Xbox Live iOS app today, adding a number of sweet new features for iPad owners.

Ford rolls out dedicated Focus mobile app

Ford has gone big-time with in-vehicle technology over the last several years, packing its cars with Sync, MyFord touch and more.

Athletes sue Samsung over Olympic app

You might find it interesting to discover just how closely you're linked to Olympic athletes Mark Spitz and Janet Evans - but they're not so keen to get closer to you.

Apple wants to democratize iOS development

Typically, if you want to develop an application for the iPhone or iPad (iOS) you need to be a programmer. If you're not a programmer, your only other option is to hire a developer.

Facebook app gets retina graphics for new iPad

If you have a new iPad and frequent Facebook, you'll probably want to download the new Facebook app because it's been updated specifically for you.

HBO’s iPad app is ready for Game of Thrones 

The long-awaited second season of Game of Thrones (GoT) premieres this Sunday, April 1. Are you ready?