Arab teen's iPhone app reaches 800,000 downloads

Abdulrahman AlZanki is credited with quite possibly being the youngest entrepreneur in Kuwait, and at 14 years old he is nearing his millionth iPhone app sale.

Apple launches "try before you buy" campaign

Ever wished you could try out an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad before buying it? Well, now you can - sort of. OK, not really.

Android Market: Over 1 billion served

If the ticker on is anything to go by, then Google's Android Market mobile app store has just crossed into the world of a billion downloads.

iTunes App Store accounts hacked

In what's clearly been a busy weekend for hackers, reports are appearing that there has been suspicious activity over at the iTunes App Store.

App Store really doesn't make any money

Apple's making peanuts out of the app store, according to a financial analyst who says it's netted less than half a billion dollars since its launch two years ago.

Pulse iPad app is in... out... in at the Apple App Store

On Monday, in his WWDC keynote speech, Steve Jobs singled out an RSS reader as an example of a great new app for the iPad. On Tuesday, it got pulled from the App Store. Now, it's back again.

Steve Jobs named the "most valuable" CEO in the universe

Barron's has named Steve Jobs the "most valuable" CEO in the world, claiming that the US of A "could use 1,000 more like him."

Mozilla axes Firefox for Windows Mobile

Mozilla has axed its Firefox for Windows Mobile project in response to Microsoft's decision to "close off" development for native applications.

Apple drops Wifi scanners from App Store

Apple's latest move in its big App Store spring clean is to get rid of Wifi scanning applications.

TigerText app: "This text will self-destruct"

There is a new product in the Apple App Store today that will solve the problem that secret agents and bitter lovers alike share. TigerText claims it is the first app that allows users to delete text messages from the recipient's handset.

Mobile app e-tailer PocketGear buys rival Handango

PocketGear has announced its acquisition of Handango, combining the two mobile app services and offering a centralized outlet for more than 140,000 applications. Both sites are still being maintained separately.

Report: Apple cracks down on sexy apps

Saint Steven Jobs and his puritanical Apple minions may be in the process of purging "overtly sexual" content from the hallowed App Store.

Report: Apple bars iPhone hackers from App Store

Apple has allegedly taken steps to ban at least two iPhone "hackers" from its iTunes App Store.