Vatican disapproves of confessional app

It was approved of by local pastors and even a bishop, but the iPhone app that lets users "confess" while they're away from church is not earning any smiles at the top of the chain of command.

Medical iPhone app is FDA approved

The Food and Drug Administration has just made history as it approved a mobile phone app for the very first time. Doctors can now view CT scans and MRI images on their handheld knowing everything is medically accurate.

Apple blocking Sony Reader app, WTF?

If you were hoping to be able to buy digital books through Sony's platform on the iPad, kiss that dream goodbye. Apple has rejected Sony's submission of a Reader app because it allows financial transactions to take place outside of Apple.

Mobile apps to rake in $15 billion in 2011

If a leading analyst group's predictions are correct, the year for mobile apps in 2011 will nearly triple from what we saw in 2010.

Google disappointed with Android Market performance

There is a whole lot of apps available for download on the Android Market, but when it comes to professional developers, many turn a blind eye to the platform because it's hard to make a commercially successful app for Android. That has Google feeling disappointed in itself.

Apple marks 10 billion app downloads

As if you didn’t already know that Apple dominates the world, this week it ran its "10 billion download contest" to commemorate (cough, cough *brag about) its 10 billionth download from the (iOS) Apple App Store. Yow!

Wales: App stores a clear and present danger

I’ve always had my doubts about the reliability of Wikipedia. I don’t have any doubts about their chief Jimmy Wales anymore.

Apple to allow "uncensored" Playboy app

Apple's stance on porn has always been a prudish 'NO.' But in a bold movie, Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter the App Store will stock old and new issues of Playboy on the iPad store shelves as of March 2011.

$10,000 goes to iTunes's 10 billionth app downloader

Following in its legacy of giving away huge prizes to people who are in the right place at the right time, Apple has announced it will give away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to whomever happens to download the store's 10 billionth app.

Microsoft calls shenanigans on Apple's "App Store" trademark

Sometimes a trademark is granted to something that seems completely acceptable at the time but then down the road causes a lot of people to turn their heads. And that's why Microsoft is fighting to remove Apple's exclusive rights to the rather generic "App Store" name.

EA deeply discounts App Store titles, shenanigans called

Game publishing giant Electronic Arts (EA) had just discounted a whole swath of its iPhone games to 99 cents ahead of the holiday season, but there's a feeling out there that this might not be a warm and fuzzy holiday giveaway by the company.

Mac App Store launching January 6

Downloading software programs for your Mac computer is about to get as easy as installing Angry Birds on your iPhone, as a completely functional "Mac App Store" is said to launch on January 6.

Google Latitude finally hits iPhone

Google's location-aware mobile social app Latitude is now finally available for users to download on the iPhone, after it had previously been rejected from the App Store.

Angry Birds topples 7 million Android downloads

It's not just iPhone owners who are becoming addicted to the idea of slinging ball-shaped birds into buildings surrounded by green pigs. Android gamers are also getting in on the action, as the game has now been downloaded 7 million times there.

App Store rejects Android-centric magazine

The App Store censors have had no problems rejecting Pulitzer Prize-winning content because it was "offensive," or provocative apps that weren't really that provocative, so it should come as no surprise that the latest App Store reject is one that glamorizes Apple's biggest mobile rival, Android.

It's Super Twario - a Twitter video game

How much would you pay to access all your Twitter content in an interactive virtual environment? Would you even want to?

There are now 300,000 apps on Apple's App Store

Think it's difficult navigating through all those available downloads on your iPhone? The App Store is adding 1,000 new titles every day and now totals a mind-boggling 300,000 apps.

Apple and RIM: no more fart apps. Everyone else: Yay

In the world of smartphone apps, there's one universal problem that everyone can agree is really stupid: fart apps. So Apple and RIM have both decided to eliminate them altogether.

Apple allows Flash developers back into the fold

In news that will see a million clenched fists relaxed, Apple is relaxing its guidelines on app submissions.

App Store head sells fart apps on the side

It's nice to know what the top bods at Apple get up to in their spare time. Charity work, cultural events, time with their families... and fart apps.