Bogus Pokemon game makes waves in App Store

Somehow, an unofficial game managed to get approved in the Apple App Store and has made its way up to #2 in the list of top paid apps.

Amazon bypasses iTunes App Store commission

Amazon has just set up shop for iPad e-book customers, but plans on giving no cut of its sales to Apple.

Apple yanks app for fake IDs

Apple has revoked a two-year-old app that allowed people to create fake (and ridiculous) Driver Licenses, after facing pressure from a Pennsylvania Senator.

Mac App Store eclipses 100 million downloads

In less than a year, Apple has managed to convert enough people to its computer software digital download platform to reach 100 million downloads.

Apple lists bests games of 2011

Did your favorite iPhone or iPad games make the list of this year's top sellers?

Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple's user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

Apple App Store now accepts Chinese yuan

In what is a key push forward in its mission to rake in money from China, Apple now allows customers to pay for App Store purchases with yuan.

Malware creeps into the iTunes App Store

It's not easy to get a malicious app into Apple's heavily guarded and scrutinized App Store, but it is still possible.

Apple kicks out developer for exposing security bug

Apple's booted security researcher Charlie Miller out of its iOS developer program for revealing a security flaw in iPhones and iPads.

500,000 Android apps have been published

The number of apps that have been posted to the Android Market has just reached the half-million milestone, but how many of those apps are still around?

Google Voice returns to the App Store

Google's official 'Voice' app has been uploaded back to Apple's iTunes App Store after being taken down about a week ago.

Android app downloads to surpass iPhone

It looks like Android is about to surge ahead of yet another first-in-class title previously held by the iPhone.

Windows Phone 7 reaches 30,000 app milestone

It may have had some pretty major snags so far, but developers are still willing to rally behind Windows Phone 7.

Most Android apps are overlooked

There are roughly 250,000 apps available for Android, but how many of them ever gain an attention?

Analysis: FTC doles out child privacy fines to app maker

A popular developer for Apple's iOS platform being smacked with a $50,000 fine over child privacy is just one example of the challenges facing independent developers.

Cinemax app brings porn to iPad

Premium cable channel Cinemax's heralded porn content is apparently a-ok with the people who confirm submitted iOS apps.

iPhone app combats teen dating abuse

A number of NGOs, activists and Liz Claiborne reps recently announced the launch of Love Is Not Abuse. This unique iPhone app is designed to help parents and kids end the scourge of dating abuse and teen violence.

Viacom settles iPad-related Cablevision lawsuit

The legal dispute between Viacom and Cablevision has been resolved, and the big winner is the end user.

Vudu circumvents App Store, comes to iPad

One of the most popular pay-pet-view video streaming services is now, kind of, officially available on the iPad.

FBI launches Child ID app

The FBI has launched its official Child ID app, which allows parents to electronically store photos and critical information about their children in case they go missing.