Snapchat drops collective jaws of world by offering an apology

We asked the question, Is Snapchat run by arrogant jerks? The answer was, yes. But, now, the sweet little douches are making amends by publicly - drumroll, hold breath - apologizing. We'd like to think it was because of our tirade. But, it probably has to do with trying to be good to your millions of users. 

Judge orders Apple to rewrite 'apology'

Hardly surprisingly, the British judge who ordered Apple to post a statement on its website about its patent suit against Samsung has declared himself unsatisfied with the result.

Apple's 'apology' to Samsung is a hoot

Very gratifyingly, Apple's done exactly as I suggested last week, and published an 'apology' to Samsung that points out just how uncool the Galaxy Tab is compared with the iPhone.

Microsoft apologises for penis song

Microsoft has been forced to apologize for a software programmers' convention in Norway that featured scantily-clad dancing girls and obscene songs.

Google engineer apologizes for 'rant'

The Google engineer who yesterday made the mistake of posting criticism of Google+ publicly has withdrawn what he calls a 'long opinionated rant'.

Netflix says sorry to 'self-absorbed' Americans

It's not been a good week for Netflix, despite the successful launch of its streaming video service in Canada.

Facebook dons hair shirt over worst outage in years

Facebook's revealed more details of last night's 2.5-hour outage, calling it the worst it's ever had in over four years.

AT&T says sorry for iPad security breach

AT&T has issued an official apology to 114,000 iPad users whose e-mail addresses were inadvertently leaked by the carrier.

AT&T apologizes for "cease and desist" threat

A red-faced AT&T has been forced to apologize for threatening an irate customer with an official "cease and desist" order.

Google grovels over Buzz privacy issues

Google's made some swift changes to its social networking application Buzz, in an attempt to allay privacy concerns.