The Blair Witch Project on the moon

Although Apollo 18 didn't take off at the box office, it certainly did boast an interesting "high concept" pitch.

Revamped Apollo 18 gets new trailer

A few months ago, Apollo 18 got pushed way back from its original release date. A new trailer has now been released which shows the tone of the film didn't really change all that much.

Apollo 18 pushed way back

It’s not irregular for a movie release to be pushed back a few days, or even a few weeks, due to post-production delays, but for a film less than a month from release, with trailers already in theatres, a delay of nine months is very irregular, but this is just what has happened with the new film Apollo 18.

Classified Apollo 18 docs leak online

The official Apollo 18 website has leaked "classified" and heavily redacted docs that allegedly detail the doomed Moon mission and fatal encounters with mysterious alien life forms. So, are you ready for some top secret fun?

Apollo 18: Why we never returned to the Moon

There were originally three additional missions scheduled to fly to the Moon in the initial Apollo plan. Yet, all were supposedly cancelled due to budgetary constraints. 

But not everyone believes the missions were scrapped, with some conspiracy theorists insisting the (Cold War-era) DoD covered up one last enigmatic trek to the scarred lunar surface.