Google Glass specs fail to excite

Google has released its policies for its "internet for four eyes" project – Google Glass.

Twitter API changes go down badly with developers

Twitter's made changes to its API, restricting the creation of large-scale third party applications - and developers aren't at all happy about it.

API glitch may explain fast-draining phone batteries

Almost a quarter of apps that contain Android's explicit power control APIs, or wakelocks, may have major battery-draining bugs.

Ford teams with Google for cars that can read your mind

Ford is using Google's Prediction API to try and predict driver behavior and optimize performance.

Khronos debuts next-gen media specs for mobile devices

The Khronos Group has launched its OpenMAX AL 1.1 specification, a cross-platform C-language API for high-performance multimedia apps on mobile and embedded devices.

Hackers target WordPress in large scale attack

Hackers have reportedly targeted a number of websites powered by the popular WordPress platform.

Dropbox redefines mobile cloud computing

Dropbox has redefined mobile cloud computing with the latest iteration of Anywhere which allows users to seamlessly access and update files across a number of popular handheld devices. 

Googles solidifies Flash support with new Chrome plug-in

Forget Apple! Google has confirmed that it is working with Adobe, Mozilla and the "broader community" to help define a next-gen browser plug-in API for Flash.