Facebook will not let you doing anything without Facebook

The Internet's mega-church for self-worshipers is adding restaurant reservation service OpenTable and TV listings to its mobile services. No one knows what this means in the big scheme of things, but it feels ever so world controlling so, we have to tell you about it because, you are likely to miss it if you use Facebook yourself.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL team up to sell ads

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have agreed to pool unsold ad space so that customers can advertise across all three sites.

Microsoft, Google and AOL face mapping patent fight

An obscure Louisiana company is having a pop at Google, Microsoft and AOL for allegedly infringing its 3D mapping patent.

AOL/HuffPo streamroller shuts down Download Squad

The iron fisted AOL-HuffPo combo has squashed yet another unfortunate victim, with the Download Squad uncermoniously being forced into early retirement

Gmail users are younger and thinner

Well, this is better than astrology. I've never much liked being a Taurus (stubborn, prosaic, materially-minded), but as a Gmail user I'm delighted to be told I'm young, thin, educated and well-traveled. And it's all true, of course.

AOL signs deal to buy Huffington Post at yesterday's Super Bowl

AOL's taken the next step in its efforts to turn itself into a major media company, buying the Huffington Post for $315 million.

AOL buys social identity site about.me

AOL has bought brand-new personal profile aggregator about.me, which lets users create a single personal profile page holding all their online identities including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, email and personal blogs.

Who will AOL acquire next?

Yes, we all know that AOL acquired TechCrunch and 5min Media. But who’s next? Will it be Vimeo, Alltop, Huffington Post...or TG Daily? 

C’mon people, let’s make a wager!

TechCrunch joins AOL 'for its software engineers'

As predicted, AOL yesterday announced that it's to buy TechCrunch, the technology blog founded by Michael Arrington, in a deal believed to be worth around $25 million.

AOL could announce TechCrunch acquisition today

AOL is about to buy TechCrunch, the online blogging network founded by the cuddly Michael Arrington, the Wall Street Journal reports.

AOL renews ad deal with Google

AOL's renewed its search advertising deal with Google for another five years, and expanded it to include mobile search and YouTube.

Android gets an exclusive AOL app

AOL, once an immensely powerful online commodity that is now forced to scrape by to keep its name, has launched a brand new mobile app that, curiously, is initally only available to Android.

AOL looks for buyers for Bebo

AOL has decided that it can't afford to run social networking site Bebo anymore, and has announced plans to sell or close it.