Symantec downplays antivirus security breach

Symantec is downplaying reports that hackers accessed the source code to its Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Antivirus 10.2 applications.

FBI busts massive scareware rings

The Department of Justice and the FBI say they've nabbed two scareware gangs believed to have netted more than $74 million.

Mass injection attack hits a million websites

More than a million URLs have been compromised by a cyberattack that's suddenly ramped up in the last 24 hours to become one of the biggest mass-injection attacks ever seen.

Three charged over massive fake anti-virus scam

Three men have been charged over a $100 million scam involving fake anti-virus software.

Will Typhoid adware become an epidemic?

A team of security researchers at the University of Calgary are warning of a potential menace known as Typhoid adware.