Antennagate claim site goes live

Apple iPhone 4 customers can now claim the princely sum of $15 in compensation, following the settlement of a lawsuit over the phone's 'antennagate' reception problems.

Antennagate lawsuit settled

Well, it's taken a long time, so let's hope it's worth it: Apple's reached agreement in a class-action lawsuit over the poor performance of the iPhone 4's antenna.

Apple shreds Papermaster over Antennagate

Apple is confirming the departure of iPhone-iPod chief Mark Papermaster, who was recruited from IBM less than two years ago.

Apple's Antennagate marks the end of an era

Whether or not Steve Jobs intentionally deceived, inveigled and obfuscated is irrelevant. Antennagate - in all its embarrassing and over-hyped glory - clearly marks the end of a golden era for Apple.