Anonymous hits firm helping FBI investigation

The Anonymous group of cyber-attackers yesterday hit the website of a small Washington security firm, in revenge for an attempt by the company to give Anonymous' supporters' details to the FBI.

Anonymous launches Operation Yemen

Cyber activists affiliated with Anonymous have launched a digital campaign against websites operated by the government of Yemen.

FBI hunts Anonymous activists

The FBI is currently conducting a investigatory sweep of at least 40 cyber activists suspected of participating in retaliatory DDoS attacks under the auspices of Anonymous.

Five arrested in anti-Anonymous crackdown

UK security officials have arrested five individuals suspected of participating in DDoS (distributed denial of service) activities under the auspices of an Anonymous-led campaign in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The Internet ID: Do we have any say in it?

It’s been called the "Trusted Internet ID" scheme by some observers. It won’t matter what we choose to call the government’s proposed Internet licensing system because in the end we probably won’t have a say in it.  

FBI launches Anonymous crackdown

FBI agents participating in a crackdown against Anonymous activists have confiscated computer equipment and copied data from at least two businesses.

Amazon outage down to hardware failure, not DDoS

Amazon's European websites were down for a short period yesterday, in what the company says was a hardware failure in its European data center.

Anonymous DDoSer gets pwned and owned

A cyber activist linked to Anonymous has been arrested after failing to mask the IP address of his computer while executing DDoS attacks against the Dutch Police and national prosecutor's office.

Twitter denies suppressing #wikileaks

With companies falling over themselves to distance themselves from Wikileaks, there's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere over the last 24 hours about why Wikileaks has been failing to trend on Twitter - after all, it's probably one of the most widespread subjects of discussion on Earth right now.

Anonymous brings down Mastercard in defence of Wikileaks

The Mastercard website is down, following an attempt by the Anonymous group at 4Chan to punish the company for its treatment of Wikileaks.

Pirate Party asks Anonymous to halt DDoS attacks

The Pirate Party is asking cyber activists associated with Anonymous to halt a campaign of ongoing DDoS attacks against various organizations, businesses and government offices.

Feds initiate probe of Anonymous DDoS attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently probing a slew of DDoS attacks executed by cyber activists associated with Anonymous.

Anonymous says it prefers negotiations to DDoS attacks

Cyber activists with links to Anonymous have decided to temporarily switch tactics in an effort to promote negotiations over digital copyright policies.

Operation Payback causes massive service interruptions

An ongoing campaign of DDoS attacks against 11, high-profile global targets has caused more than 550 hours of downtime and 742 service interruptions since September 17.

Anonymous says payback is a bitch

Cyber activists belonging to the "Anonymous" organization recently launched a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against the Spanish copyright protection society (SGAE).

Cyber activist says DDoS attacks will continue

A cyber activist belonging to the "Anonymous" organization says digital freedom fighters will continue DDoS-based assaults against anti-piracy advocates. 

ACLU pledges to help keep Twitter users anonymous

The American Civil Liberties Union is to help two Twitter users fight to keep their identities secret after they tweeted criticism of Pennsylvania attorney general Tom Corbett.