Stratfor back after hack attack (or not)

Update: As of 9:33 am PST, the Stratfor site seems to be experiencing intermittent difficulties and will not load. The company officially re-launched its site earlier this morning after it was taken offline in December.

Anonymous warns Germany's far right

Anonymous has launched a new Internet portal populated by hacked data allegedly extracted from various far-right sources in Germany.

Anonymous targets Sony over SOPA

Cyber activists purportedly associated with the Anonymous collective have targeted Sony for supporting the controversial "anti-piracy" act known as SOPA.

Mobile attacks on the rise, says McAfee

Mobile malware's set to rocket, according to security firm McAfee's 2012 Threat Predictions report, while the Anonymous hacking group may be on its way out.

Report: Hackers may target Stratfor supporters

A US-based security think tank that recently fell victim to a hack and extract attack is warning subscribers they may be targeted by cyber criminals for voicing their support on Facebook.

Anonymous denies Stratfor hack

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have denied executing a hack and extract operation against Stratfor, a US-based security think tank.

Iowa GOP boosts security over hacker threat

The Iowa Republican Party is bolstering the security of electronic systems that will be used to count some of the first caucus votes of the heated 2012 presidential campaign.

Anonymous launches OpAccountable

Cyber activists associated with the Anonymous collective have penned an open letter to US legislators protesting the "systematic destruction" of constitutional rights, "one law at a time."

Anonymous targets indefinite detention bill

Cyber activists linked to the Anonymous collective are mobilizing to oppose  legislation that would allow the military to indefinitely detain US citizens suspected of terrorist activity on American soil. 

Alleged Gene Simmons hacktivist arrested

A 24-year-old cyber activist linked to Anonymous has been arrested and charged with hacking the website of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons.

Anonymous: OpEndMonsanto claims first victim

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous are claiming credit for the ostensible demise of a PR firm that once represented Monsanto, the US-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation.

LAPD doxed by Anonymous

A hacking group (CabinCr3w) linked to Anonymous has claimed credit for posting the personal information of more than two dozen members of the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) command staff.

Anonymous warns Mexico over OpRoadSafe

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have published a list of demands aimed at the Mexican government and local bus companies. 

p0isAnon launches Operation Robin Hood

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN hackers have combined forces to launch Operation Robin Hood.

WikiLeaks delays anon whistleblower system

WikiLeaks has indefinitely delayed the launch of a new system that would have allowed whistleblowers to remain anonymous while submitting tips.

Anonymous launches OWS counter-offensive

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have kicked off a digital counter-offensive in response to an ongoing crackdown against OccupyWallStreet (OWS) protestors.

Anonymous warns Toronto over Occupy eviction

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have warned Canadian officials against forcibly evicting Occupy protestors from the city of Toronto.

Doxed Barrett Brown looking for a safe house

Barrett Brown, the self-appointed "face" of Anonymous, has been doxed by a group of enigmatic hackers.

Barrett Brown cashes out on Anonymous

Barrett Brown, who often presents himself as the so-called "face" of Anonymous, has reportedly clinched a six-figure book deal with none other than Amazon.

Israeli government websites downed in suspected hacker attack

Three Israeli government websites - involving army and intelligence - were down on Sunday a few days after a threat from a hacker group.