Anonymous "spokesperson" raided by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently raided the apartment of Barrett Brown, an unofficial, self-appointed Anonymous spokesperson.

Anonymous rolls out AnonTunes for the masses

Cyber activists linked to the Anonymous collective have rolled out a new social music platform aptly dubbed "AnonTunes."

Anonymous reshuffles its collective deck

Anonymous suffered a severe blow this year when its top ranks were infiltrated by law enforcement officials.

Anonymous rolls out PasteBin alternative

Anonymous and the People's Liberation Front (PLF) have rolled out a "safe and secure" PasteBin alternative.

FBI arrests Anonymous suspect over Utah attacks

The FBI has arrested an Ohio resident suspected of participating in two recent Anonymous attacks against law enforcement websites in Utah.

Anonymous targets cyber-security legislation

Anonymous has claimed responsibility for downing the websites of USTelecom and Tech America as part of a wider campaign to protest the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011.

The Anonymous saga of higochoa and w0rmer

A Texas resident was recently charged with participating in a series of hacks that targeted government and law-enforcement websites under the banner of an Anonymous offshoot known as "CabinCr3w."

Anonymous claims China hack

Hackers linked to the Anonymous collective have claimed responsibility for defacing a number of Chinese government and business websites.

Anonymous-OS is here, download warnings abound

I'm sure we're all familiar with Anonymous by now. The hacker collective has claimed credit for numerous attacks on corporate, government, and law enforcement websites around the world including the Vatican.

Anonymous gets documented at SXSW

A documentary chronicling the rise of the hacktivist collective Anonymous has premiered at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Swift arrest made over family planning site hack

If proof were needed that members of Anonymous aren't all singing from the same hymn sheet, the news comes that a man claiming to belong to the group has hacked into the website of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Anonymous brings down Vatican website

Anonymous is claiming to have brought down several Vatican websites, which were offline for most of Wednesday.

Anonymous looks towards a post-Sabu future

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have responded to the takedown of AntiSec, while issuing a statement about Sabu's role as an FBI informant. 

Anonymous under fire in Canadian parliament

The Canadian House of Commons speaker has criticized Anonymous for posting videos that allegedly constitute a "direct threat" to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and other MPs.

FBI in LulzSec takedown

Law enforcement officials on two continents appear to have taken down LulzSec, a hacker group loosely affiliated with Anonymous. 

Anonymous members hoist by own petard

Anonymous members hoping to take part in denial of service attacks have unwittingly been downloading a version of the Zeus trojan, putting their financial details at risk.

Anonymous says it was infiltrated

Cyber activists linked to Anonymous have conceded that international law enforcement officials managed to infiltrate the collective in an operation which culminated with the arrest of 25 individuals.

Interpol arrests 25 Anonymous suspects

Interpol says it's arrested 25 people in Latin America and Europe suspected of being members of the Anonymous hacking collective.

Anonymous is Occupying the vote

Anonymous and the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement are teaming up for an election year campaign to "hold politicians accountable to the people."

Anonymous gets analyzed

Security outfit Imperva has published a report that purportedly reveals 
a number of strategic details behind an Anonymous attack against the Vatican during a 25-day period in 2011.