Blade Runner gets a new trailer

The summer of 1982 has long been celebrated as a magical time for genre films. 

The metal of Quiet Riot

Laugh all you want, but if there was any album that blew open the door for the big metal explosion of the early '80s, it was Quiet Riot's Metal Health. 

Judas Priest celebrates a legendary metal anniversary

We've celebrated a lot of metal and hard rock anniversaries here on TG, and there have been plenty of them over the past year or two. 

Guns 'N Roses Appetite for Destruction turns 25

It's an anniversary that makes me feel increasingly older every time it hits the next five-year mark, but Appetite For Destruction just had another birthday.

The Godfather reborn

We recently reported that Paramount was trying to halt publication of a new sequel to the Godfather, and discussed how the original Godfather negative was in danger of falling apart before Spielberg personally called the studio.

Now you can buy Kurt Cobain's guitar

There's an old saying that "no price bear an original," but with recent guitar technology, you can come pretty close to the real thing.

Metallica celebrates 30 years of metal

Metallica played its first gig at the long gone Anaheim CA club Radio City on March 14, 1982, and made their vinyl debut on the Metal Massacre album compilation on June 14, 1982.

First anniversary of Neptune's discovery

It's exactly one year since Neptune was discovered - one Neptunian year, or 165 of our own rather shorter ones.

Hubble just gets better with age

The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its 20th birthday today with the release of another photo that could come straight from the cover of a 1970s prog rock album.