Ghost in the Shell: Arise trailer jacks in

I.G. Productions has released a trailer for its upcoming Ghost in the Shell mini-series.

Captain Harlock trailer fights back

Toei Animation has released the first English language trailer for its upcoming space opera.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost protects the colonists

Funimation has released the first trailer for its upcoming anime video game adaptation.

Video: Samurai 7 returning to the small screen

The dystopian anime will be airing on Adult Swim's Toonami block.

Blade preview doesn't sparkle

Marvel and MadHouse have posted a preview video for the upcoming Blade Anime.

Wolverine teaser slices up some ninjas

Marvel and MadHouse have released a new teaser for the upcoming anime adaptation of perhaps the most famous X-Man.

Znug fires up cyberpunk e-bike

What do you give the cyberpunk who has everything? How about a low-riding, anime-inspired Japanese electric motorbike/scooter?

Rurouni Kenshin teaser slashes the face

Warner Bros has released the first teaser for its upcoming Japanese-language, sword-fighting action flick Rurouni Kenshin, based on the manga of the same name.

Warner Bros. to adapt Bleach

Though perhaps not has well known as Akira, Bleach maintains a loyal following with a respectable number of devoted fans in both Japan and the US.

A look back at Thundercats

I was a little late to the ThunderCats-Transformers phenomenon, and so was recently surprised to learn that Thundercats was developed by Rankin Bass.

Blade Trailer slices up some vamps

Marvel has released the English-language trailer for its upcoming series, Blade. Previously, we’ve only seen footage of this new show with the Japanese narration.

Space Battleship Yamato ready for a reboot

Makoto Kobayashi recently confirmed that he will be returning to the classic anime.

Blade anime trailer debuts

The Japanese trailer for the new Blade series debuted this week. Based on the American comic book character (with some additional inspiration from the Hollywood adaptations), Blade is an anime series about a vampire hunter.

Supernatural anime won’t be broadcast

The anime adaptation of the popular Supernatural series comes out this July, but it won’t be shown on television.

Review: The beauty and silent moments of The Sky Crawlers

The Sky Crawlers, a film based on the novel by Hiroshi Mori, and directed by Mamoru Oshii, is a dazzlingly beautiful tale set in a world where combat is a commodity, and strange children are the heroes of a never-ending war.

Yes, Cowboy Bebop really is sci-fi

It may be over ten years old now, but Cowboy Bebop is still an excellent example of modern soft sci-fi. Yet, the series doesn’t get much attention in "traditional" sci-fi circles because of its medium. 

Japanese police bust malware extortionist ring

Japanese police have arrested two individuals accused of spreading a nefarious piece of malware that stole personal information and posted it on the Internet.