The Most Awesome Animation About Quantum Computers You Will Ever See

You might think the title is a little exaggerated, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Theoretical Physicists so far, it’s to be bold with my conjectures about reality.Welcome to the second installment of our series of animations about Quantum Information! After an auspicious start describing doing ...

Doctor Who’s first regeneration gets unlost

The animated remake brings the first doctor’s story to a close.

The future of animation at Lucasfilm under Disney

Star Wars fans, especially those who follow The Clone Wars serial, have been wondering what will happen to Lucasfilm’s CGI animation studio and related universe lore.

Futurama teaser could be the monster

Comedy Central has posted a teaser for the upcoming season of its animated sci-fi sitcom.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars celebrates its 100th episode

The Cartoon Network has released a featurette which illustrates how Clone Wars ties into the films.

Review: The impact of Wreck-It Ralph

Come for the nostalgic video game references, stay for the great story.

LEGO Batman The Movie trailer 'assembles' the Justice League

Warner Bros recently released the first full trailer for its upcoming animated super hero comedy.

Fan-made anime Star Wars is better than the new trilogy

The creator of this awesome fan-made Star Wars movie needs a job in the industry - and Hollywood could definitely use talent like this to raise the genre bar.

Frankenweenie pictures love science

Disney has released a series of  high-detail, non-production images from its upcoming monster movie parody, Frankenweenie.

Rise of the Guardians trailer introduces Jack Frost

DreamWorks has posted the second trailer for Rise of the Guardians, an animated film slated to hit theaters on November 21.

A shout out to the master of stop motion animation

Yes, we live in a CGI universe these days. Love it or hate it, the worlds of many films, especially Avatar and Lord of the Rings, never could have been done without it. 

Tools created for amateur animators

The Max Planck researchers say their two new approaches, revealed today at Cebit, not only significantly shorten two important steps of the creation process, but also considerably simplify them.

Disney system allows projected animations to interact

Disney Research, together with Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a system that lets animated images from two separate handheld projectors interact with each other on the same surface.