Achievements granted at first ever "Appy Awards"

Honoring excellence in the mobile app arts, Angry Birds and Facebook are among the inaugural winners of the so-called Appy Awards.

Amazon accidentally offers Android Market sneak peek

Yes, Rovio's new Angry Birds game will be sold on Amazon's long-awaited digital app storefront. But what does the Market actually look like? 

And how does it differ from Google's official Android Market?

New Angry Birds will be sold on Amazon, not Android Market

A new Angry Birds game is on the way, but don't bother looking for it in the Android Market. Developer Rovio will only be releasing it through Amazon's new digital app storefront.

No, console gaming isn't dying

Well, it isn't as if this developer has an agenda, say like plugging mobile gaming as a panacea for all the world's ills.

Angry Birds gets festive (again) for St. Patty's

The iPhone game that just might never die is getting yet another holiday-themed update, this time to celebrate the fact that even though they're Angry, these Birds can also have the luck of the Irish.

Angry Birds gets a Valentine's Day update

Well, they're still angry but at least they're getting a little love with the newest version of Angry Birds themed around Valentine's Day.

Angry Birds Rio to hit the silver screen

Where do mean pigs take their kidnapped angry bird victims? To Rio, of course! In fact, their South American plight will be chronicled in Rovio’s March launch of the Angry Birds Rio video game, followed by a mainstream movie put out by Twentieth Century Fox.

Angry Birds show coming to a TV near you

Just as Angry Birds was knocked from the top spot on Apple’s App Store free app list, Rovio announced that it will be producing an animated series based on the wildly popular mobile title.

8th grader ousts Angry Birds in App Store

As much as we love Angry Birds, it is kind of encouraging to read about a cool game that is the new favorite. 

And today, Bubble Ball claimed the number one slot in Apple's App Store top free apps list.

Angry Birds dev downplays Android fragmentation

The developer of one of Android's most downloaded games ever has come forward to say complaining about the operating system's "fragmentation" is nothing more than a cop out for app creators.

Angry Birds topples 7 million Android downloads

It's not just iPhone owners who are becoming addicted to the idea of slinging ball-shaped birds into buildings surrounded by green pigs. Android gamers are also getting in on the action, as the game has now been downloaded 7 million times there.

Angry Birds get festive makeover

Rovio's promising a Christmas edition of Angry Birds, saying it will be offered as a free upgrade to the Halloween version.

Changes coming to Android Market

If you think searching through the Android Market is the least elegant Google process there is, you're not alone. And now Google is promising significant changes to the way app information is displayed.

Man creates a fake, virus-infected version of Angry Birds

A mobile security expert has used the high-profile mobile game Angry Birds to demonstrate some gaping security holes in the Android Market. Even though the game had nothing to do with the actual Angry Birds game and was filled with a trojan virus, he had no trouble getting it onto the digital app store.

Apple launches "Hall of Fame" to showcase best apps

If you think wading through 300,000 apps is a cumbersome process - and let's face it, who doesn't think that? - then Apple finally has a solution to your problem of not knowing what the best apps are.

Mobile games to topple $10 billion by 2014

From a niche market to one that's quickly becoming the most important, mobile gaming is expected to continue to climb at an exhilarating rate for at least the next four years.

EA buys Chillingo, the guys who made "Angry Birds" a success

It's a move that seems like insane spontaneity but also brilliant forward-thinking at the same time. EA has sealed a deal to buy Chillingo after the company published two wildly successful iPhone games.

Angry Birds hits a million Android downloads in 24 hours

Angry Birds has become a runaway success on the iPhone, and is now gaining unrivaled success on Android as well. That's because developer Rovio decided to make it available on Google's operating system for free.