Android meant for cameras, not smartphones

Smart cameras are finally starting to show up, but according to outgoing Android boss Andy Rubin, they could have been around for years. Speaking at an event in Tokyo, Rubin said Android was originally conceived as an operating system for cameras, not phones. 

Andy Rubin steps away from Android, starts new chapter at Google

Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed that Android co-founder Andy Rubin is starting a "new chapter" at Mountain View as he hands over the Android reins to Sundar Pichai.

Google not interested in opening retail stores

Despite reports to the contrary, a high ranking Google exec has denied that Mountain View is planning to open brick-and-mortar stores like Apple and Microsoft in an effort to promote Nexus devices, the Chromebook and Google Glass.

Is Google’s Nexus 7 just another Android tablet?

Google’s $200 Nexus 7 may be one sweet looking and affordable tablet, yet it probably has very little chance of claiming significant market share from Apple’s wildly popular iPad. 

Android activations surpass 900,000 per day

In case you were wondering whether or not the Android fervor was still as strong as ever...

Android team to be independent of Motorola

The Motorola you know today will be the same Motorola even though it's now owned by Google...well, more or less.

3.7 million Android activations over Christmas

It was a very Merry Christmas for Google's mobile operating system this year.

Android activations now 700,000 per day

700,000 brand spanking new Android devices are taken online every day.

Google's Andy Rubin makes awkward appearance at IDF

Google's head of Android, Andy Rubin, made what can only be described as a most awkward appearance at Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco today, during CEO Paul Otellini's keynote.

500,000 new Android devices activated daily

Some may be saying Google's Android platform is starting to slow down, but not according to these numbers.

Google defends/explains Android fragmentation

Android's head honcho says people who complain about Android fragmentation don't understand the operating system.

Google accused of inflating Android activation numbers

There was all sorts of buzz yesterday over Google's claim that it is activating new Android devices at a pace of 300,000 per day. But someone's calling shenanigans on that.

Nexus One FINALLY comes to actual stores

Google has finally admitted that its online-only availability of the Nexus One phone was a failure, and it will now bring the device to retail stores like it should have last year.