YW9300 is a versatile Android-powered set-top box

Over the last few weeks, we've seen several new devices powered by Samsung's Exynos 4412 quad-core processor hit the market.

Hyundai's T10 tablet is powered by a quad-core Exynos processor

Hyundai recently debuted a quad-core Android tablet. Boasting a 10-inch screen, the T10 can be thought of as the big brother to the T7 we discussed back in January.

Intel to slash prices on Ultrabooks

Chipmaker Intel is still struggling to market sleek and pricey Ultrabooks, which are facing more competition than ever from high-end tablets and hybrids. However, it could finally be about to make them a bit more appealing to cash strapped consumers who won't have their savings taxed by the Cypriot government.

Android-powered Ouya supports classic console emulators

When the Ouya game console first turned up on Kickstarter, many of us initially thought the device was only for playing Android games on the big-screen.

Yes, China is an Android nation

Google's highly versatile Android operating system currently dominates the lucrative mobile market in China, where 300 million are expected to use the OS by the end of 2013.

The quad-core march of Android PCs-on-a-stick

At first there were only a few Android PCs-on-a-stick powered by the impressive quad-core Rockchip RK3188 processor.

Apple snaps maps company up

In what the Wall Street Journal dubbed a 'map war', Apple has bought a Silicon Valley startup called WifiSLAM which suggests the company wants a hand building indoor mapping for iPhone users.

HTC vows to ramp up marketing

It's no secret that HTC is in a world of trouble and its failure to stick to the HTC One launch schedule is making life for the Taiwanese phone maker even worse.

Over 400 Dark Horse Comics hit Google Play Books

Are you a fan of genre comic books and graphic novels who happens to own an Android device? Well, Google Play has some good news for you, as over 400 comic books from Dark Horse were recently added to the Play bookstore.

Hyundai T7S tablet packs a Samsung quad-core processor and more for $186

Hyundai is bumping up the specs of its seven-inch T7S tablet.

This Android set-top box is powered by a quad-core Allwinner A31 SoC

While versatile, the Allwinner quad-core A31 processor certainly isn't new, as we've seen it power a number of various devices in recent months.

Google insists Android and Chrome will remain separate, acknowledges overlap

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Mountain View's mobile Android operating system and web-centric Chrome OS will remain two distinct entities, at least for now.

Onda V818 Android tablet targets the iPad mini

Chinese tablet maker Onda recently showcased a slick $240 Android tablet that featured an iPad-like retina display. 

Video: Google Keep goes live for Android devices (and the web)

Google has officially rolled out an advanced note-taking platform dubbed "Keep" for mobile devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Users can also sign in with their Google Account via a web browser.

GV10 is an Android-powered set-top box with a twist

There are at least several Android-powered set-top boxes on the market today, not counting the innumerable PCs-on-a-stick frequently covered on TG Daily.

Nvidia disappointed with Windows RT tablet sales

Microsoft is having somewhat of a difficult time convincing the masses to abandon Android and Apple for its heavily marketed Surface RT tablet.

Microsoft Surface subject to bulk buy

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are off to a rather unimpressive start, but Redmond now believes that it can woo more business users by selling its gear in bulk. The new service allows business users to place volume orders for Surface tablets. We are, however, not convinced it will help Microsoft’s cause.

Android Jelly Bean-powered Rikomagic MK802 IV packs a quad-core processor

The stalwart MK802 is an Android-powered PC-on-a-stick designed to plug directly into the back of a TV.

Yes, Samsung is prepping a smartwatch

It almost seems like rumors of Apple's alleged iWatch came out of nowhere just a few months ago.

Chatter is vital for Salesforce

Salesforce has made some changes to its Chatter service. The company has  announced that it has integrated the activity stream service, launched in 2010, into its CRM software. This now means that customers will be able to access and edit records as well as  take action on an account, all from a mobile device.