Kobo e-reader goes Android

Kobo is now Android friendly! The free e-reader app - which is available on the Android Market - supports the popular ePUB standard, including rich text and images.

5 things people without an iPhone 4 can do

If you don't have one of Apple's golden tickets on pre-order you have other things you can do.

AT&T embraces Android with Samsung Captivate

AT&T has finally caught Android fever! Yes, the carrier is teaming up with Samsung to sell the Captivate - a very sexy member of the Galaxy S family.

Social networking boosts mobile app use

Social networking sites such as Facebook have contributed to a staggering increase in the number of mobile app users.

"Gingerbread" update to actually change how Android looks

With Android "skins" like Motorola's Motoblur and HTC's Sense basically telling Google that the standard Android UI isn't good enough, Google will make the user experience a top priority in its next update.

$88 Android tablet spotted in the wild?

A very reasonably priced Android-powered tablet was recently spotted making the rounds at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. But does the 5-inch device have what it takes to make it in the crowded and Apple iPad-dominated marketplace?

Overclocker revs Evo 4G to 1.267GHz

An overclocker known as Coolbho3000 has managed to rev his Evo 4G to a cool 1.267GHz from the stock 998 MHz.

Samsung tablet specs hit the 'Net

Want to know more about Samsung's upcoming Android-based tablet?

Android gains market share at Apple's expense

Online tracking firm Quantacast confirms that Google's Android continues to rapidly gain mobile operating system market share at Apple's expense.

DejaOffice gets an Android makeover

DejaOffice has updated its contact management app suite for Android-powered smartphones such as the Evo, Droid and Incredible.

Motorola plans iPhone 4 killer by year-end

Motorola is reported to be readying a 2GHz smartphone for release by the end of the year.

Google fixes mysteriously disappearing Android apps

After numerous developers noticed that their apps were disappearing from the Android Market, Google has fixed an apparent internal bug and apologized for not keeping its developers in the loop.

Nexus One hits 720p with CyanogenMod patch

An XDA-Developers forum member known as Charnsingh_Online has coded a CyanogenMod patch that enables 720p recording on Google’s flagship Nexus One smartphone.

Motion-activated controls come to Android

Motion controls aren't just for the home console market anymore. Android users will soon be able to play games, perform phone tasks, and even get their own fortune cookies with nothing more than a few flicks of the hands.

Ubiquitous boots Android MIDs in just one second

Ubiquitous has developed a software-based platform that enables Android-powered devices to cold boot in just one second.

Is the iPhone 4 just eye candy?

The iPhone 4 is one tricked out device. But can a slick display, faster processor and longer battery life help keep Android-powered smartphones at bay?

HTC Evo 4G goes platinum

The HTC Evo 4G - which hit the steamy summer streets on Friday - has already gone platinum with temporary shortages reported across the US.

Google Music logo spotted in the wild

A Google Music logo spotted on the 'Net may indicate that the Mountain View-based company is poised to take on Apple iTunes with its own Android-based service.

Can Android-powered tablets take on the iPad?

Do Android-powered tablets have a chance of successfully competing against Apple's seemingly unstoppable iPad?

Samsung releases first Galaxy tablet pic

Samsung has released an official picture of its upcoming, 7-inch Galaxy-class tablet.