Droid X bug causes screen to die

Motorola's Droid X just might be the fastest-selling Android phone to date, but apparently for some of the early adopters the brand new gadget has become a paperweight.

Lenovo's LePad joins Android tablet party

The tablet train is now officially rolling. Earlier this week, details came out about HP's WebOS-based multimedia tablet as well as an Android tablet from Asus, and now Lenovo is joining in the fray.

Can Windows Phone 7 take on Android and Apple?

Thousands of Windows Phone 7 prototypes manufactured by a number of industry heavyweights - such as Asus, LG and Samsung - are currently making their way to developers.

Asus chooses Android for next Eee device

In what can only be considered a huge coup for Google's Android platform, Asus, which has struck gold with its line of inexpensive netbook computers, has dropped Windows 7 in favor of Android for its first tablet device.

Motorola "Mini Droid" rumors add to Droid congestion

Everyone loves having a lot of selection when it comes to mobile phones, but Verizon may be overdoing it with the "Droid" name, as rumors of a "Mini Droid" handset are beginning to circulate.

SGN launches Android-to-iPhone aerial deathmatch

Are you an Android enthusiast with an itchy trigger finger who is just dying to put Apple fanbois in their place?

Sprint gets down and dirty with Motorola i1

Sprint is getting down and dirty with Motorola's i1 Android-powered smartphone. 

Google says farewell to the Nexus One

Google marked the end of an era today with the final shipment of Nexus One smartphones to its online store. 
Once the popular devices are sold out, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from the Mountain View-based company.

Android's latest phones also have "death grip"

One of Apple's many talking points to the whole Antenna-gate issue is that this is a problem with all smartphones. Before the iPhone 4 antenna issues make the entire world implode, perhaps it is worth exploring that statement.

Android out-sexes Apple’s iPhone

When it comes to sex and the iPhone, Apple and Steve Jobs are positively prudish. This may end up costing Apple dearly.

Android Market: Over 1 billion served

If the ticker on Androidlib.com is anything to go by, then Google's Android Market mobile app store has just crossed into the world of a billion downloads.

HP kills (or at least severely bludgeons) Android tablet plans

Most likely because HP is now filling its time with Palm's WebOS platform, the company has set aside its plans to pursue a new tablet computer powered by Google's Android operating system.

SwiftKey accelerates Android typing

TouchType has launched a free beta app dubbed "SwiftKey" that significantly accelerates typing on Android-powered smartphones.

MP3Tunes app integrates Android, iPhone, and the cloud

If you have an Android phone and you're worried about losing all those songs you bought with the Amazon MP3 app, MP3Tunes is here to save you.

Samsung Galaxy sells faster than iPhone overseas, US momentum coming?

Samsung's first "Galaxy S" device, the company's new line of high-end Android phones, just became the fastest-selling phone in Korean history, and Samsung believes the momentum will spread throughout the world.

Is Symbian a lost cause?

Can Symbian effectively compete against other popular mobile operating systems such as iOS4 and Android?

MediaTek accelerates Android adoption with low-cost SoC

MediaTek is expected to significantly accelerate the adoption of Android in Western mobile markets with its low-cost, System-On-a-Chip (SoC) platform for smartphones.

Some lucky customers already have a Droid X

Of the thousands of people who pre-ordered the hotly anticipated Droid X, a little over 100 got theirs a bit early. Was it an accident or an intentional ploy to get some headlines?

New Google tool lets anyone become an Android developer

Google's launched a new software tool that it says allows anybody to become an Android developer.

Fring enables cross-platform video calling on the iPhone 4

Are you unimpressed with Apple’s overly-hyped and rather restrictive FaceTime feature for the iPhone 4?