Froyo captures 29% of Android devices

Froyo - which launched just four months ago - is already running on approximately 29% of all Android-based devices.

Android desk phone spotted in the wild

A prototype Android-powered "desk phone" designed by Rockchip was recently spotted in the wilds of IFA 2010.

Can Android triumph over Symbian?

By 2014, the worldwide mobile operating system (OS) market is likely to be dominated by Symbian and Android - with the two OSs accounting for approximately 59.8 percent of mobile sales.

Smartphones jumpstart automotive infotainment

Smartphones running iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and BlackBerry (RIM) are helping to jumpstart the relatively nascent automotive infotaintment industry.

Google says Froyo not optimized for tablets

A high-ranking Google exec has gone on record as stating that Android 2.2 (Froyo) is optimized for smartphones - not tablets.

Best Buy opens up $200 Android G2 pre-orders

T-Mobile's flagship device to use its next-generation HSPA+ mobile data network is now available for pre-order, and that means we now know for sure what its price will be: $199.99.

JPMorgan trades in corporate Blackberries for iPhones

In what is perhaps the most devastating move for Blackberry's dominance in the enterprise phone market, one of the biggest companies in the US is testing a new plan that would ditch its employees' Blackberries and give them iPhones instead.

Google updates Android Navigation app to allow for walking

Google's turn-by-turn GPS software for Android has been updated with a feature that you don't see all that often in GPS programs: walking directions.

ARM deploys Cortex-A15 MPCore processor

ARM has deployed a next-gen Cortex-A15 MPCore processor that is capable of running at speeds of up to 2.5GHz in certain configurations.

Average smartphone owner has 27 apps

It's an app world after all. Mobile users are getting more app-hungry every day, and a new report from Nielsen shows just how important apps are to the mobile landscape.

Can Android maintain its accelerated momentum?

Android is currently the fastest growing operating system in the mobile sphere. But can Google’s popular OS maintain its accelerated momentum and fend off challenges from iOS and Symbian?

Google working on real-time Android speech translation

Just say the word "hello" into your Android phone and you'll instantly hear a response of "bonjour" or "hola," if Google's latest research actually comes to fruition.

Report: XDA Dev jailbreaks PS3 with Android Nexus One

An XDA Dev member known as "t4tav" has reportedly coded a sweet PS3 jailbreak that can be executed via a rooted Nexus One or HTC Desire.

Android "Froyo" update gives UK Desire users a brain freeze

HTC Desire owners who subscribed to UK mobile service provider O2 are finding themselves with a useless phone after upgrading to Android 2.2.

Samsung hints at Android TV as Lava's hits the streets

Samsung may be working on an Android-powered TV, if hints from the company's TV boss are to be believed.

Android marches forward as iOS slips

Google's Android army is marching bravely forward, while Apple's iOS continues to rapidly lose market share.

Music execs gunning for Android iTunes rival

If you don't like Apple's arrogant presence and its mindset that being its customer is a privilege, you're not alone. Music companies are very eager to get on Google's side as it seems more likely that a new service will launch on Android.

Samsung officially reveals Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet

In what could be the very first Android-based tablet that poses a direct threat to the iPad, Samsung has given us the first look at its Galaxy Tab device.

'Dark silicon' improves Android battery life

A new chip is claimed to improve smartphone efficiency by making use of 'dark silicon' – the numerous transistors on today’s chips that are underused because there's not enough power to utilize them all at the same time.

Archos plans not one, but FIVE Android tablets for this fall

As news of Android tablet developments continues to grow and strengthen, Archos has now joined the fray with the biggest announcement yet. The biggest in terms of quantity, that is.