Nokia exec hella hates Android

Outgoing Nokia exec Anssi Vanjoki hella hates Android and doesn't plan on using the popular mobile OS anytime soon.

Droid X may be getting Android 2.2 tomorrow

Verizon originally promised that Droid X customers would be getting their upgrade to Android 2.2 this summer. Well, summer ends during the day tomorrow and it appears they might just barely meet that deadline.

Tablet craze jumpstarts NAND Flash market

The use of NAND Flash memory in popular tablets such as Apple's iPad and competing Android devices is expected to triple in 2011.

Coming soon: full Google Docs editing on Android, iPhone

You will soon be able to have complete access over Google Docs on your iPhone and Android devices, in a move that makes both platforms more attractive to business customers.

Universal root arrives on Android

Xda-dev member Shaka Huang (aka shakalaca) has coded an (almost) universal rooting utility for Android smartphones.

Rooted Android access codes stored as plain text

An Android Central mobile security researcher has discovered that critical access codes on rooted Android smartphones are often stored as clear text in internal OS databases.

Droid 2 may already be killed in favor of new model

Just one month after the Droid 2 was released, there are reports that Verizon will axe the unit and replace it with a new model that can make calls to countries outside the US.

Is Facebook developing its own phone?

Facebook is denying rumors that it is planning to build its own phone - but nobody much believes it.

Android snipes at RIM and iOS in enterprise market battle

Verizon has launched a potentially lucrative initiative to equip all of its Android devices with improved enterprise-grade security and management tools.

Verizon won't sell Windows 7 phones until 2011

Shock! It seems as if Verizon is relatively unenthusiastic about Windows Phone 7. Indeed, the carrier has refused to sell devices based on Redmond's latest (crappy) mobile OS until at least 2011.

Report: Android poised to dominate tablet market

Apple's "magical" iPad currently dominates the relatively nascent US tablet market. However, a virtual tsunami of Android-powered tablets are expected to end Club Cupertino's monopoly of the sector in just a few years.

Motorola wants a tablet next year

The manufacturer of the runaway top-selling Android phone in the US is working on a tablet device and wants it to be the only true competitor to the iPad.

Russia builds an Android phone

Yes, the Cold War may have ended years ago, but Russia is racing to bring its own version of an Android handset to market.

Motorola buys mobile social company Aloqa

Motorola's ability to tap into mobile users' social networking content will be getting a new facelift as a result of the company's latest acquisition.

RIM defends heavyweight smartphone title

RIM continues to successfully defend its heavyweight (BlackBerry) smartphone title against various contenders, including Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).

Unreal ready to frag Android

Epic is reportedly poised to officially port its Unreal Engine to Google's Android mobile operating system.

iPhone fanbois just can't keep up with Android enthusiasts

It seems as if iPhone fanbois just can't manage to keep up with dedicated Android enthusiasts.

HTC wants to bring out your inner Desire HD

Android lover HTC has just introduced a new version of its top-selling Desire phone, with the ability to shoot HD pictures and video.

LG unveils entry-level Android 2.2 phones

LG, a company that really hasn't earned a lot of attention in the Android world, has just launched two new mobile phones. And they're just about the lowest-end devices we've seen yet to come packed in with Android 2.2.

Yes, Windows Phone 7 is doomed

Windows Phone 7 may not fail as utterly as the hipster-oriented Kin. But the overhyped smartphone platform is doomed nonetheless.