Sprint's 4G network expanding to New York, LA, San Francisco

Sprint, the first mobile provider to launch a 4G network in the US, will soon bring its next-gen mobile data infrastructure to three of the biggest cities in the country.

Angry Birds hits a million Android downloads in 24 hours

Angry Birds has become a runaway success on the iPhone, and is now gaining unrivaled success on Android as well. That's because developer Rovio decided to make it available on Google's operating system for free.

Mutated Android Trojan spotted in the wild

Kapersky Lab has positively identified a third variant of the FakePlayer SMS Trojan targeted at Android devices.

Google says Android's next year will earn $1 billion

How much can you earn when you have the most popular mobile operating system in the US? Apparently more than $1 billion a year.

Sony Ericsson becomes profitable again, thanks to Android

A funny thing happens when a historically disorganized company finally gets its hands on a good product...

Opera gets ready for its Android close-up

Android's built-in Web browser, once described by Google as "Chrome Lite," gets the job done but it's not filled with a whole bunch of snazzy features. Opera is now looking to add some class to that arena.

Rumor: Android Gingerbread SDK launch imminent

Google is reportedly putting the finishing touches on its streamlined Android Gingerbread SDK, which could launch as early as next week.

Is Android a recipe for mobile success?

It seems as if Google's Android represents a surefire recipe for success in the crowded mobile marketplace.

Pioneer showcases Android-powered vehicle HUD

Pioneer is developing a heads up display (HUD) for vehicles that taps advanced GPS-based features in current-gen smartphones.

T-Mobile suggests $650 Galaxy Tab price point

Samsung's iPad killer, the Android-based Galaxy Tab, will be priced in the same range as the iPad but customers will be able to get discounts by signing up for 3G service contracts.

Droid 2 Global details go live, unexpectedly

After much speculation, Motorola has confirmed that the Droid 2 Global is real, and has posted official technical specs on its website. Although, it appears Motorola didn't want that to happen.

Acer will continue to offer Android/Windows 7 dual-boot

Netbook specialist Acer is apparently pleased with the idea it was the first to introduce: creating a netbook that lets users run either Windows 7 or Android.

Why Fennec for Android rulez

Fennec is probably one of the best apps ever coded for Android-powered smartphones - even though it is still in beta. And here's why.

Samsung Galaxy S hits 5 million sales

Samsung's high-end, Android-powered line of smartphones has now reached total sales of over 5 million, just a little over a month after announcing the 1 million sales milestone.

Motorola unveils Droid Pro, a Blackberry killer

In what can only be seen as a very real and direct threat to dethroning Blackberry as the top dog in providing enterprise mobile services, Motorola has introduced a new phone targeted specifically at business customers.

It's official: Android is now the most popular smartphone OS

It's official! Android is now rated the most popular operating system amongst consumers who purchased a smartphone over the past six months.

Full Skype app comes to Verizon Android

Android users with a Verizon subscription can now rejoice, as Google and Verizon are now allowing an app that lets people make Skype-to-Skype calls completely free.  

Virgin's first Android phone now on sale

The Samsung Intercept, a phone that brings the Android operating system to Virgin Mobile's prepaid service for the first time, is now available.

LG abandons plans for Froyo-powered tablet

LG is officially abandoning plans to launch a tablet powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo). However, the company remains committed to Android and is currently talking with Google about utilizing future iterations of the popular operating system for next-gen tablet devices.

T-Mobile unveils second 4G phone, a MyTouch successor

Although it hasn't yet launched its first phone to use its new high-speed network, T-Mobile is introducing a new handset that will make use of it.