Nexus Two will be most powerful Android yet, first Android 2.3

Although Google will not be internally designing the successor to its well-reviewed-but-never-sold Nexus One, it will still be as noteworthy - maybe more.

Galaxy Tab hits T-Mobile at cheapest yet, $400

Sprint and Verizon's launch plans have been confirmed for Samsung's hopeful iPad killer, and now we're getting a look at what T-Mobile plans to do with the little device.

Asus wants to be an iPad killer

Asus is preparing to challenge Apple’s popular iPad with a slew of Windows and Android tablets.

Rumor: Samsung and Google prep Nexus Two for November launch

Google and Samsung are reportedly prepping a next-gen Nexus smartphone for a November 8th launch in New York City.

Where can you buy a $100 Android tablet?!

There's an Android-powered iPad competitor that you're now able to buy cheaper than ever...and it's not at a place you'd expect.

T-Mobile gets its Galaxy Pad November 10, $400

Details have just been announced for T-Mobile version of Samsung's iPad killer, the Galaxy Tab. Not only will it be the first mobile provider to begin selling the device, it'll also be available with a $200 discount.

Nikon plans a 3D Android-based digital photo frame

We gotta get our hands on one of these. Not only is this digital picture frame using a customized version of Android, it can also convert any standard 2D digital image file into 3D.

Playstation Phone rumors re-surface. This time with pictures

Just in time for the holidays, the idea of a Playstation-branded mobile phone has come back to light with a new prototype image that has apparently surfaced.

Barnes & Noble Nook gets color makeover

Barnes & Noble has debuted a color, 7-inch e-reader powered by Google’s Android OS. Dubbed NOOKcolor, the latest iteration of the popular device is priced at a very reasonable $250.

JooJoo 2 hopes to actually survive with Android

After the original JooJoo tablet turned into what could only be described as a failed disaster, the company behind the device is growing some thick skin and trying again - this time with Android powering the device.

Gemalto becomes latest company to sue Google over Android

Security firm Gemalto is suing Google, claiming that its Dalvik virtual machine violates its patents.

Winamp for Android really whips the llama's ass

Dude, is this amazing or what?!? Winamp, which many consider to be the ultimate media player, is now available for Android smartphones.

Nokia fires 1,800 people amid smartphone crisis

Although its ability to meet demand for cheap phones is helping keep it well above water, Nokia has axes 3% of its workforce as it tries to restructure itself to meet the growing global mobile market.

Verizon tries to justify crazy $600 Galaxy Tab price

Verizon is trying to stand up for Samsung and the company's Galaxy Tab tablet, which wants to compete against Apple's iPad but may have a hard time due to a high launch price.

EA buys Chillingo, the guys who made "Angry Birds" a success

It's a move that seems like insane spontaneity but also brilliant forward-thinking at the same time. EA has sealed a deal to buy Chillingo after the company published two wildly successful iPhone games.

Apple vs. Google vs. RIM vs. TweetDeck: Why losers and winners shouldn't trash talk

Don’t get me wrong - the kind of drama going on in the tech world right now is like candy to a baby for me and I certainly don’t want it to stop.  

Tablets, some good, some, so so

We recently saw no less than a half dozen tablet announcements, and it seems as if everyone is going have one. 

TweetDeck CEO tells Steve Jobs to flip off

Is it just us or is Steve Jobs starting to act a little bit senile? He makes these big speeches and throws out company names not even thinking about the fact that those companies are actually listening to what he says.

Steve Jobs remains unimpressed with Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains utterly unimpressed with Google's popular Android mobile operating system.

Android Gingerbread details hit the 'Net

Yes, the awesome Froyo may rule our smartphones for now. But Android Gingerbread seems like it is shaping up to be a tricked-out, must-have mobile OS.