Is Android a secure OS?

Google's Android is one of the most popular operating systems for both smartphones and tablet devices. But is the OS secure enough to protect critical user data from unfriendly eyes?

Hustler launches Android porn app

Hustler has launched a $3 porn app for Android-powered smartphones that offers mobile surfers easy access to current "Honeys," as well as classic all-star babes from the past 36 years.

Juicy Motorola Citrus goes on sale tomorrow

Motorola's latest Android device for Verizon is surprisingly not something with the word "Droid" in it. It's the Citrus, a 3-inch, low-end Android device to complement Motorola's growing high-end offering.

Samsung outs a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Although it insisted that consumers want a device that's smaller than the iPad, it seems Samsung it moving forward with plans to create a device that is about the same size.

Google connects Android with Google TV in new Youtube app

There's a new app for Android that may not seem like a big deal but could be the launching pad for more interesting things to come that will link Google's mobile platform with its TV platform.

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 sells out

It appears to have been a successful launch for the Windows Phone 7 platform yesterday, as one of the handsets has already sold out. T-Mobile is no longer able to immediately fulfill orders for the HTC HD7 phone.

Opera Mobile comes to Android

Opera has released its Mobile 10.1 beta for Android, adding pinch-to-zoom and support for location services.

Droid Pro will focus on enterprise users

Right on schedule, Verizon and Motorola have announced details of the Droid Pro, the first Droid device to have connectivity availability in areas outside of North America. Verizon hopes to entice business customers with the new global handset.

Windows Phone 7 officially launches in US today

Microsoft's new mobile operating system is now live and kicking in the US. Mobile retailers and Best Buy have flagship launch units in stock, though today is more about the platform as a whole than it is about specific products.

Nexus One may be first to get Android 2.3

Just as it did for the groundbreaking Android 2.2 update, Google's only internally-developed mobile phone is reportedly likely to get the honors of being the first to receive an upgrade to Android 2.3.

Zynga friends Android, promises social mobile games

After a successful stint with its iPhone presence, social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed support for the Google mobile operating system.

Google launches mobile Instant search

Google's launched its Instant search feature for the iPhone 4 and Android 2.2 smartphones, and is promising support for more OSs in the months to come.

Verizon leak causes iPhone kerfuffle

When a leaked photo surfaced showing an internal Verizon document announcing a November 9 release date date for an "Iconic Device," the scoop-hungry blogosphere did what any reasonable media whirlwind would do: assumed it was the iPhone. But nope. Sorry. It's not.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab goal set at one million

As the most critical iPad rival to date and a very important device for Samsung, the Galaxy Tab needs to sell well if it is to stand on its own when all is said and done. If it sells a million units in the next two months, that might do it, and that's exactly what Samsung is forecasting.

T-Mobile finally grows a pair, gloats "largest 4G network"

T-Mobile is a huge, worldwide telecom company that probably doesn't spend as much time focusing on the US market as it should. But that has all changed now as the company has launched a brand new marketing campaign to create awareness of its new 4G network.

23% of Android phones are far outdated

According to the latest statistics released by Google, only 36.2% of Android phones are running the most current version of the operating system, and 23% are running versions that are over a year old.

Sprint 4G goes live in New York City, other new markets

Sprint has just achieved a major milestone in its quest to make the entire country equipped with 4G, as New York City has finally received the high-speed mobile network.

Android captures 44% of US smartphone sales

Android continued its triumphant march forward during the third quarter of 2010 by capturing an impressive 44 percent of US consumer smartphone sales.

Report: Android kernel suffers from "high-risk" defects

A report due to be published on Tuesday claims that Google's popular mobile Android operating system suffers from no less than 88 "high-risk" defects.

Viewsonic debuts Android-powered tablet lineup

Viewsonic has jumped into the fast-moving tablet market with two Android-powered devices: the ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10.