Meet the world's biggest smartphone

If you want to see a real legitimate record breaker, head to the Best Buy in San Carlos, California. That's where you'll find a working, 42-inch Nexus S Android phone.

Trojan can take over Android phones

A new and very sophisticated Trojan is hitting Android devices in China and endangering users worldwide.

Ebay mobile usage explodes over the holidays

Increasing its presence in the mobile world seems to have done wonders for Ebay, as sales made over iPhone, Android, and other phones during the holiday season grew by more than 134% over last year.

Cowon touts Android-powered media player

Cowon has debuted an Android-powered media player with some pretty sweet specs.

Angry Birds dev downplays Android fragmentation

The developer of one of Android's most downloaded games ever has come forward to say complaining about the operating system's "fragmentation" is nothing more than a cop out for app creators.

Times Square countdown app lets you party in NYC on NYE

If tuning into Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest for the New Year's Eve countdown just isn't enough to ramp your excitement for the New Year, there is a new high tech solution to help you countdown: the Times Square New Year's Eve app.

HTC teases media with cryptic "4G" package

When it comes to garnering interest for CES, some companies are more creative than others. Some simply send out mass e-mails with their latest press releases and a blanket invitation for meetings. Then there are companies like HTC.

MetroPCS Android phones make roaming Wi-Fi free and easy

Thanks to a new partnership with the most prolific provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States, and a mobile developer that makes cell phone Wi-Fi as easy as pie, MetroPCS phones running Android can now tap into 500,000 hotspots for free while they're on the go.

Nexus One on the fast-track to get Android 2.3

When Android 2.2 finally made its way to the public airwaves, it was the Nexus One that was first to receive the update. And it's living up to that reputation again this time, with Android 2.3 expected to hit the handset in a matter of weeks.

PlayStation App on the way to Android and iPhone

Tens of thousands of early Windows Phone 7 adopters are enjoying connectivity with their Xbox Live account, but that's going to seem like small potatoes when Sony delivers PlayStation integration to millions of existing smartphone owners.

New promo: buy Windows Phone 7, get Xbox 360 game

Facing extremely sluggish sales and a not-too-certain future, Microsoft is offering big enticements to get people to join the dark, er, Windows Phone 7, side.

When apps attack

How secure is your privacy? If you own a smartphone, chances are you don't have a whole lot to begin with. In fact, smartphone owners are getting used to the idea that this concept of "privacy" doesn't even really exist anymore.

Dual-screen Android tablet coming to CES

To compete in the market that has already been defined by the iPad, Android tablets need something special and unique to differentiate them. How about a tablet with two screens?

Yahoo Messenger gets free Android voice calling

Hey, guess what, Skype and Google Talk? You're not the only players in town. Yahoo wants to be taken seriously in the VoIP market too, and has just taken a step in that direction with the latest Yahoo Messenger app update.

Android "Honeycomb" tossing buttons like a bad habit

Whether it's the iPhone, Xbox 360 Kinect, or now the latest version of Android, it looks like the concept of having to press buttons is becoming a thing of the past.

Smartphone malware at an all-time high

PC and Mac users are more educated than ever about viruses and phishing attacks, so what's a hacker to do? Turn his attention to smartphones, of course.

Facebook Android update almost makes it worth using

As revolutionary and popular as Facebook is, we've never really much cared for the social networking site's mobile apps. A newly redesigned version of Facebook for Android, though, is at least an improvement.

Sergeant, drop and give Android or iPhone

Whether it's in intelligence bases on US soil or on the front lines in Afghanistan, the United States Army is currently considering a proposal to give smartphones to every one of its soldiers.

Former Googler claims Android will kill Chrome OS

A former high-ranking Googler believes that Chrome OS will either be "killed" by Android, or forced to merge with the popular mobile operating system.

At $5 million, Ebay sets new mobile spending record

Do you know what two days ago was? No, it wasn't a holiday or a well-known Christmas shopping day, but somehow it became the new record holder for the most money spent on Ebay's mobile app in a single day.